Scenarios for Obamagate in the second term


By Dr Webster Griffin Tarpley, PressTV

The second Obama administration is now just a month away, reminding us of the century-old American tendency for second presidential terms to be troubled and often unsuccessful. Second terms are particularly vulnerable to scandal.

At the same time, constitutional changes made after World War II have guaranteed that every second term president is a lame duck, and therefore less feared by his enemies. It is impossible to predict the future, but it is also clear that the second Obama administration bears a major vulnerability: this is a foreign policy heavily reliant on support from irregular military forces which can only be described as “al-Qaeda.” Obama has in fact gone far beyond any of his predecessors in his use of terrorist fighters as the infantry component in the NATO-backed assaults on countries like Libya and Syria, as well as for operations in Pakistan and Yemen. This is often what “leading from behind” really means.

The declared goal of the US military in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as in Somalia and Yemen, is to kill any al-Qaeda fighters which they manage to locate. But when it comes to Libya and Syria, al-Qaeda fighters are welcomed, provided with transportation, given logistical support, armed, paid, and given diplomatic assistance by the Pentagon and the State Department. This blatant contradiction has been building up since the early months of 2011, and it may now be reaching critical mass.

In the case of Libya, much of the country, and especially the eastern province of Cyrenaica – including the Benghazi-Derna-Tobruk corridor – is now under the control of warlords and militias from the orbit of al Qaeda. The September 11 assassination of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi – already a cause célèbre for Republicans — was largely the handiwork of a pro-Romney network inside the Pentagon and General David Petraeus’ CIA, but one of the reasons the Obama administration has been forced on the defensive regarding this incident is that a main task of the Benghazi consulate/CIA post has been to maintain relations with al-Qaeda death squads, especially for the purpose of moving them through Turkey into Syria to wage war against the Assad government. Any serious inquiry into the Stevens assassination thus risks exposing his role as an ambassador to al- Qaeda.

In the case of Syria, the United States has now extended full diplomatic recognition to the Syrian National Coalition, a collection of front men for the al-Qaeda fighters who provide most of the military potential of the so-called Free Syrian Army. In an attempt to camouflage this scandalous state of affairs, the State Department has also officially branded the principal striking force of the FSA, the Jabhat al Nusra brigades, as a terrorist organization. Al-Nusra includes 29 of the principal death squads, which have been doing most of the recent fighting against the Syrian army.

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OBAMAGATE: Rev James David Manning Urges Prayers For Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is saving America from hell and Christians need to pray for him, according to Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH Media Network.

Arpaio, at the behest of WorldNetDaily, launched an “investigation” into Obama’s birth certificate and recently demanded a Selective Service System investigation into the president’s selective service registration card. Meanwhile, WorldNetDaily is complaining that there is a “media blackout” of Arpaio’s “bombshell” findings.

Squarely in the WorldNetDaily camp, ATLAH’s Manning claims that Obama is using a fake Social Security number and fake birth certificate, adding that he thought Arpaio is in danger for his investigation:

I’m at this moment calling upon all noble citizens and patriots to encamp and encircle Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prayer. The matter of his now having the authority of an official and law enforcement officer now pursuing this matter, we know how dangerous the world that we live in is, and how exposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio is at present. We need to cover him in prayer. We need to start a prayer chain.

According to Manning, “we are closer to revealing who Obama is” than ever and if Arpaio’s efforts fail, “those of us who are birthers are going to end up in jail” and “America is going to go to hell.”

Manning led his followers in prayer, explaining to Jesus why Obama is a tyrant and why angels must encircle Arpaio and all other birthers: