OBAMAGATE: Rev James David Manning Urges Prayers For Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is saving America from hell and Christians need to pray for him, according to Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH Media Network.

Arpaio, at the behest of WorldNetDaily, launched an “investigation” into Obama’s birth certificate and recently demanded a Selective Service System investigation into the president’s selective service registration card. Meanwhile, WorldNetDaily is complaining that there is a “media blackout” of Arpaio’s “bombshell” findings.

Squarely in the WorldNetDaily camp, ATLAH’s Manning claims that Obama is using a fake Social Security number and fake birth certificate, adding that he thought Arpaio is in danger for his investigation:

I’m at this moment calling upon all noble citizens and patriots to encamp and encircle Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prayer. The matter of his now having the authority of an official and law enforcement officer now pursuing this matter, we know how dangerous the world that we live in is, and how exposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio is at present. We need to cover him in prayer. We need to start a prayer chain.

According to Manning, “we are closer to revealing who Obama is” than ever and if Arpaio’s efforts fail, “those of us who are birthers are going to end up in jail” and “America is going to go to hell.”

Manning led his followers in prayer, explaining to Jesus why Obama is a tyrant and why angels must encircle Arpaio and all other birthers: