Larry Sinclair First, Now Newsweek Calls Obama ‘Gay President’

Newsweek Misses “First Gay President” Call By 3 Yrs

[Editor’s Note: as for the 2008 Obama Campaign, the “One” Barry Hussein Obama is always presented with a halo, kind of PsyOps that awards Him the Role of the Chosen One…]

By Lawrence Sinclair, LSNews

Newsweek has published the above cover on its next issue proudly declaring Barack Obama as “The First Gay President.” Problem with openly gay, British writer Andrew Sullivan’s article is, he’s 3 years late as Sinclair News declared Barack Obama America’s “First Gay President” more than 3 years ago in its earlier Internet web sites devoted to reporting the truth about Barack Obama.

Sullivan for those who do not know is a British Citizen who is seeking to become an American Citizen who was given special treatment by the US Attorney in MA on a Federal charge of possession of Marijuana in a US Parks Service park in MA. The actions by the US Attorney to drop the charges against Mr. Sullivan (as a favor to prevent Sullivan from having his Immigration status changed as a result of a criminal drug conviction which would be cause to deny his application for Citizenship and would require Sullivan to be deported) brought about a stern rebuke by a United States District Court Judge who found the move to be highly suspect and questionable. In addition Sullivan is an avid Obama supporter outspoken attack dog for all things Obama who has been repaid by invitations to White House State Dinners, Parties and his favorable treatment in his drug charge. Sullivan writes for the Obama propaganda web rag The DailyBeast and The Atlantic.

Obama named ‘The First Gay President’

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