Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey


The first parts of Patriot air defence missile systems have been delivered to Turkey, The Turkish Weekly reports. According to the newspaper, the mounting of the systems on the Syrian border is planned for the beginning of 2013.

Servicemen from Germany and the Netherlands arrived in Turkey at the same time with Patriot components. They will be accommodated at a Turkish military base.

In November Turkey requested NATO to provide it with Patriot missiles, allegedly to defend its air space against any Syrian attack. The NATO Council complied with Turkey’s request at the beginning of December. Continue reading

L’Iran met en garde contre le déploiement des “Patriot”, en Turquie

Le chef du quartier général des forces armées de l’Iran a jugé menaçant le déploiement du système balistique “Patriot”, sur le sol turc.

«Les sages et les élites de l’Europe, des Etats-Unis et de la Turquie doivent agir et faire éloigner le système de la région, avant qu’il ne soit trop tard», a dit le général de division Seyyed Hassan Firouzabadi, dimanche, devant des commandants de haut rang de l’armée, à Téhéran. Mettant en garde la Turquie contre le déploiement des systèmes balistiques de l’OTAN, sur son territoire, le général de division a averti qu’une telle mesure renforcerait le danger d’un conflit militaire entre la Turquie et la Syrie.
«Nous sommes l’ami de la Turquie et souhaitons la sécurité pour elle. Nous estimons, pourtant, que le déploiement du système “Patriot”, en Turquie, vise, tout d’abord, à assurer la sécurité du régime sioniste, même s’il traduit l’inquiétude, quant à la présence russe, pour défendre la Syrie, dans la région.
«Chacun de ces systèmes est installé, sur un point noir, sur l’atlas mondial. Malheureusement, il ne passe pas un jour, sans qu’un des pays occidentaux ne décide d’envoyer un autre “Patriot”, sur les frontières turco-syriennes. Ils ont tous un projet en commun : une guerre, sans merci, qui est dangereuse, pour l’avenir de l’Europe, aussi bien que pour celui de l’Humanité tout entière», a-t-il renchéri.

Source: IRIB

NATO will deploy Patriot missiles on Turkey’s border with Syria

Bernd Wustneck / AFP/Getty Images Patriot missile launchers in Bad Suelze, northern Germany. NATO will deploy anti-missile batteries along Turkey’s border with Syria.

By Patrick J. McDonnell, L.A.Times

BEIRUT — The North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Tuesday agreed to deploy Patriot anti-missile batteries along the Turkish border with Syria, providing a measure of security for Turkey in case of an airborne attack from its war-ravaged neighbor.

The decision, which had been anticipated for weeks, brings the U.S.-led alliance closer to the conflict in Syria, though officials asserted that the missiles would have no offensive role.

“Any deployment will be defensive only,” NATO foreign ministers said in a statement that explicitly ruled out the use of the missile system to curb Syria’s bruising air assault on domestic rebels. “It will in no way support a no-fly zone or any offensive operation.”

The Patriot surface-to-air missiles could theoretically target any Syrian ballistic missile or warplane that crossed into Turkish airspace, armed with conventional or chemical weapons.

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NATO launches new military base in western Turkey

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Adm Stavridis (L) and Allied Land Commander Lt Gen Hodges are seen during a ceremony in Izmir on Friday.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Adm Stavridis (L) and Allied Land Commander Lt Gen Hodges are seen during a ceremony in Izmir on Friday.

NATO has launched a new military base in Turkey’s western province of Izmir as the western alliance plans to deploy advanced Patriot missiles on Turkish border with Syria.

NATO’s Allied Land Command will “serve as a base for carrying out land operations when ordered by the alliance following the inspection, evaluation, preparation and standardization of NATO land forces,” Turkish newspaperHurriyet Daily News reported on Saturday.

“NATO has trusted Turkey at every step since its membership. Likewise, Turkey can always trust in NATO,” NATO supreme commander Adm. James Stavridis said during the opening ceremony of the military base on Friday.

Speaking about the deployment of Patriot missiles in southern Turkey, NATO Allied Land Commander Gen. Frederick Ben Hodges claimed that the move is not aimed at creating “a no-fly zone or to attack.”

“The evaluation team composed of officials from the US, Germany, the Netherlands and NATO were assigned in less than a week upon Turkey’s request. I expect the evaluation team to complete their work in a few days. If the deployment of the Patriots is accepted, it will be done to protect the Turkish people,” he said.

On November 21, Turkey formally asked NATO to deploy the surface-to-air Patriot missiles on its border with Syria. In response, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the alliance would consider the Turkish request “without delay.”  Continue reading

Russian expert warns of possibility of large-scale war in Middle East

Turkey has asked NATO to deploy “Patriot” missiles on the Turkish side near the Turkish-Syrian border.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, Russian analyst Konstantin Sivkov said: “Deploying these missiles in Turkey will be dangerous for Syrian military planes – this is obvious. A lesser obvious thing is that Turkey is getting ready for a war against Syria. If an attack on Syria from the territory of Turkey does take place, this will most likely be an attack not of the Turkish army, but of NATO’s forces.”

“The Middle East is getting ready for a large-sale battle which will very likely affect the Russian part of the Caucasus, and this, in its turn, will be reflected on the entire Russia,” Mr. Sivkov added.

Deployment of Patriots in Turkey means no-fly zone for Syria

The planned deployment by NATO countries of Patriot air defence systems on Turkey’s Syria border will actually amount to the imposition of a no-fly zone for Syrian aircraft in circumvention of the UN Security Council.

The opinion has been voiced by the leading research fellow of the Russian Institute for Oriental Studies, Vladimir Kudelev.

He feels that Patriot systems may drastically influence the fighting between the government troops and the opposition in the north of Syria, since the militants will thus get a 200 kilometre – to 250 kilometre-wide “umbrella” all along the Syrian-Turkish border. Continue reading