The Pillar Of Smoke deception: Haniyyeh talking as if Morsi was the new Gamal A. Nasser. The reshaping of the middle east will fail.

[Editor’s note: Pillar of Defense voluntarly renamed Pillar of Smoke]

By MKER-one

In his latest speech, Ismail Haniyyah talks about Mohamed Morsi as if he was the new Gamal Abdel Nasser. Thanking Egypt’s governement and intelligence for their help.

Correct me if I am wrong, but what is Haniyyeh talking about ? HELP ?!

First off, many reports indicate that most of the fighting effort was coming from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and not from Hamas.

Secondly, what did Egypt do except implementing Washington orders, in total concertation with israel ? Nothing. No concrete help to the Palestinian people. Nor to the Palestinian resistance.

Those who’ve been indeed helping the resistance are Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. For decades. Providing huge amounts of cash and weapons. ( See HereHere ) And the PIJ did acknowledge that fact and thanked them for their REAL help.

Operation Pillar of smoke (defense) was nothing but an operation to promote a new axis of power in the Middle East: Egypt + Qatar + Turkey in order to undermine the genuine resistance: Syria + Iran + Hezbollah. This operation could have been called Reshaping of the Middle East operation. Even though, Pillar of Smoke is actually a very good name. War against Gaza provided the perfect smokescreen to implement (or try to implement) the new shift of powers.

You can read Tony Cartalucci’s thorough analysis Here & Here.

It’s not by pure chance that Pillar Of Smoke operation was launched while Syria faces crisis (brought about by USrahell/GCC/UN/NATO/UE) . The move was to show that the Middle East  no longer needs Syria’s intervention, always considered as central, to solve crisis. And to show that in the contrary, Syria is now a source of tensions and destabilization.

It’s not by pure chance neither, that hideous and illegitimate “Sheikh Al-Thani” went to Gaza a few weeks before israel launched its deadly attack on the coastal strip.

Hamas accepted to play Washington’s game along with Qatar + Egypt + Turkey. Why do you think Hamas turned its back on Syria and decided to make such a move? It was all planned. How can Hamas turn its back on a country that funded and armed the Palestinian resistance at its own risks for so long ? Always bear in mind who created Hamas, and what was the goal behind this israeli move (Read Here).

Regarding Turkey, what has Turkey done for the Palestinian resistance? It did absolutely nothing.

We all saw erDOGan (sorry, Erdogan) tell israeli president that he was a criminal killing innocent Palestinians back in 2009 (see video below), we heard him threaten israel with cancelling their defense agreements when Turkish peace activists were killed in the flotilla massacre, we saw/hear him so many times… Though, Turkey never deemed to actually revoke its trade & military agreements with israel.

Nonetheless, Turkey is depicted as hostile to the Zionist regime. When it is actually not. Absolutely not. On the contrary. The perfect example is the Syrian case. Where Turkey gladly implements Washington and Tel Aviv plans to destroy Syria in a desperate attempt to make Bashar Al-Assad fall. Probably thinking that this will enable Turkey to become what it once was: the Ottoman Empire.

As Bashar Al-Assad said: “Erdogan thinks he’s Caliph, new sultan of the Ottoman“.

All this prepared operation paved the way for Qatar + Egypt +Turkey to come at the forefront of the international scene, with massive support of mainstream media, as usual… Invading our TV screens and newspapers, in order to have the misinformed masses thinking that those three countries are playing a central role, especially Egypt, in brokering a ceasefire. Hence, having them seen as major players of the region. New players able to make Hamas, still considered as a resistance movement by many, put down the weapons and negotiate. When, in my opinion,  Hamas is a political party taking advantage of its people to enhance MB/Wahhabi/Zionist plans in the region.

The operation seems to have worked pretty fine… It worked so well, that some ignorant activists went as far as forgetting everything the genuine axis of Resistance did to Palestine, and now embrace their new master of deception: Egypt. See screenshots below:

Thankfully, we all know that the genuine axis of restistance (Syria, Hezbollah and Iran) doesn’t rely on the “masses” to achieve victory. On the contrary, Zionists, USrahell, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, do rely on manipulated masses to sit their invented legitimacy. Huge weakness. And this is to our biggest advantage. And be sure that Resistance will know how to use it. Resistance will achieve victory. Because Resistance is righteous, fair, and is within each one of us.

“Israel” Retreats, Prefers Lull


The smoke of defeat and retreat emerged Tuesday from “Israel’s” security meeting.

According to “Israeli” media, the forum of top nine ministers has decided that the Zionist entity will attempt to reach a lull.

“A decision was taken that for the time being there is a temporary hold on the ground incursion to give diplomacy a chance to succeed,” an “Israeli” official announced following a late-night session of “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle.

Meanwhile, another official told “Ynet” daily that “the goal is to reach a ceasefire and discontinue the operation.”

“While the massive firing of rockets at “Israel’s” south continues… it appears Operation Pillar of Clouds may be drawing to an end,” the daily commented.

Moreover, it mentioned that a heavy barrage of Gaza rockets was fired at the “Israel” Tuesday morning. Also Tuesday, al-Arabiya reported that “Israel” and the Palestinian factions are expected to sign a ceasefire agreement within a matter of hours. It was also reported that preparations for the signing are already underway in Cairo.

This comes as “Israel” asked Egypt to play the role of mediator during a 24-48- hour ceasefire before the final agreement is signed. Sources revealed that the agreement includes the Palestinian resistance conditions of lifting  the Gaza blockade and the opening of various crossings.
Another “Israeli” official said that the “Israeli” army will continue to act with force in the Gaza Strip.

In this context, “Israeli” airstrikes martyred two Palestinians on the seventh day of “Israel’s” bombardment of the coastal strip. Continue reading