World Vote for Republican candidate to run for US presidential elections. Who would you vote for?

World Vote website screenshot

By Citizen K

If the whole world was able to vote for their favorite Republican candidate, the one they want to see running for president against Barack Obama, they’d vote for Ron Paul. Over 8000 people have already participated to this vote. Which Republican would you vote for ? You can vote HERE

On this page, you’ll also be able to see where are the voters from, and the repartition of the votes per country.

The global trend, as you can see on the image above, is Ron Paul with more than 92% of the votes. Because he is the only candidate (of both parties) that dares exposing the Federal Reserve (privately owned) “criminal” activities, that brought the world to the brink of collapse. And is still doing so… He also is against continuous US illegal and genocidal wars, reason why he is veterans’ favorite candidate. I’m not going to list all the reasons that make him be the one and only hope for change, in the US but as well as around the planet.

You can learn more about Ron Paul by visiting his webpage.  You can also check on youtube videos of him since he began his political career.

Make it a million votes ! Share the vote website with your friends, co workers, family members, post it on your facebook, tweeter, everywhere you can. Make Americans know how the world wants their foreign policy to be handled, how the world wants Wall Street to be handled.

The Next US President Will Be….

….the Fortune 500. Why no matter who you vote for, nothing will ever change. 

By Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post

President George Bush, President Barack Obama, and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney all work for the exact same handful of corporate-financier interests. While they vary in how they dress up their methods of carrying out what is essentially a singular agenda, there is glaring continuity from one administration to the next in a process analogous to a corporate spokesman presenting the agenda of the board of directors. Changing spokesmen doesn’t change the agenda of the board of directors.

While the corporate media focuses on non-issues, and political pundits accentuate petty political rivalries between the “left” and the “right,” a look deeper into presidential cabinets and the authors of domestic and foreign policy reveals just how accurate this analogy is and who sits on the “board of directors.”

Image: Professional spokesmen and representatives of Fortune 500 multinational corporations and banks. Since the time of JP Morgan 100 years ago, the corporate-financier elite saw themselves as being above government, and national sovereignty as merely a regulatory obstacle they could lobby, bribe, and manipulate out of existence. In the past 100 years, the monied elite have gone from manipulating the presidency to now reducing the office to a public relations functionary of their collective interests. 

George Bush’s cabinet consisted of representatives from FedEx, Boeing, the Council on Foreign Relations, big-oil’s Belfer Center at Harvard, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Circuit City, Verizon, Cerberus Capital Management, Goldman Sachs, and the RAND Corporation, among many others. Continue reading

Egyt: Amr Moussa ousted by the people

According to Akhbar Libya, Amr Moussa, expelled by the Egyptians after the funeral prayer for victims of the stadium incident of yesterday.

He wanted to attend the funeral to show his “love” to Egyptians when its only purpose is the presidential elections.
Amr Moussa, the man who delivered Libya to NATO! The death of the Libyan leader, his sons and his people will haunt you forever.

Source: Algeria ISP