Make no mistake, in these times of war drums with Iran fueled by all the Western Presstitutes, the decision to ban PressTV from UK audience, is clearly a move from western warmongers to silence the opposition, the voice of freedom, the AntiWar partisans, and to brainwash UK citizens to the idea that a full scale war with Iran is inevitable.
To justify their move to shut down PressTV: The bigger the Lie, The Better.

We believe that PressTV, along with RussiaTV(RT), are among the few channels which deliver a bit of Truth, simply because they are not controlled by Corporations Interests but by States. PressTV has demonstrated its fair and balance attitude by giving the audience, opportunity to listen to independent authors and researchers like Webster Griffin Tarpley and Stephen Lendman to name a few.

If you are in the UK, to counter this censorship, we encourage you to follow PressTV on internet, IphoneApp.

Britain bans Iran’s Press TV from airwaves


By David Blair The Telegraph

Britain took a key communications arm of the Iranian state off the airwaves on Friday when Press TV, a satellite news channel, lost its broadcasting licence.

Ofcom, the UK regulator, took this decision after Press TV repeatedly broke the broadcasting code.

In 2009, the channel showed an interview with Maziar Bahari, a “Newsweek” journalist, who had been jailed in Tehran while covering mass protests against a disputed presidential election.

Mr Bahari said this interview had been conducted under duress and his captors had threatened him with execution unless he gave the answers he wanted. Last year, Ofcom imposed a fine of £100,000 on Press TV, reversing an earlier decision to revoke the channel’s licence.

As part of the investigation into this incident, Ofcom found that editorial decisions governing the channel were taken in Tehran. It wanted Press TV to be under the editorial control of the same company in London that held the broadcasting licence. Alternatively, the licence could have been transferred to Tehran.

An Ofcom spokesman said that Press TV failed to agree to these proposals, and that consequently its licence had been revoked. This decision was “not taken lightly,” he added, and only a handful of licences had been taken away in the eight-year history of Ofcom.

So far, Press TV has also failed to pay the fine of £100,000, ignoring a deadline of 5 January, although Ofcom said this was not the reason for the withdrawal of its licence. BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster, has been ordered to drop Press TV from its network in the UK.

Press TV said the decision amounted to a “clear instance of censorship”.