BRASIL: Police fire tear gas in Sao Paulo as protests continue ahead of Brazil World Cup

9 juin 2014 – Police locked Sao Paolo metro stations and fired tear gas at protesters as a metro-driver strike paralysed the country, sparking hundreds of miles of traffic jams in major cites presently making final preparations for the World Cup. Over the past year hundreds of thousands took part in massive social unrest at corruption and high prices.

Latin America: Is “Arab Spring” coming to town?

Venezuelans stand a demonstration in support of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad in front of the Syrian embassy in Caracas (AFP Photo / Leo Ramirez)

By Adrian Salbuchi, RT

A wave of protests have rolled across Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia – countries taking a strong stance against the US and its allies’ policies in the region. Are we witnessing a “Latin American Spring”?

­Whilst engineering violent insurgency does not yet seem to be on the  agenda of the Global Power Masters, there are indications of growing PsyWar activity by “pro-democracy”, “pro-human rights”, “aid” agencies and NGO’s acting through local players aligned to US/UK/EU interests.


Lighting the match

Is this paving the way for far worse things to come? Those who “light the match” that fires popular protests and unrest have learned only too well from their “Arab Spring” experience how to fan those flames into catastrophic social wildfires…

Some alarm bells are beginning to go off in countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, whose presidents – Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa and Evo Morales, respectively – are not playing to the tune played by the US and its allies, who for over a century have exerted economic colonial domination over Latin America.

Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador insist in maintaining close relations with countries the US and its allies have branded as “rogue states”, notably, Iran, Syria and, until Muammar Gaddafi’s public murder, Libya.  Have they been thus earmarked to become beachheads for a coming “Latin American Spring” of engineered insurrection?

The so-called “Arab Spring” too began by fanning the flames of a wide assortment of popular grievances that grew into mass demonstrations that quickly escalated into uncontrolled social violence on all sides.

A sign that this kind of “match” is being lit can be seen in Ecuador where Quito newspaper “El Telégrafo” revealed that a so-called “Active Citizenry Project” to “train opposition journalists” is getting 4.3 million dollars in funds from USAID – the United States Agency for International Development, who also funnel funds to local opposition groups like Faro and Fundamedios with the declared excuse of “strengthening democracy” through workshops, forums, and media surveillance projects.

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Grand Prix In Bahrain A Disgrace

By Stephen Lendman


On Sunday, April 22, Bahrain’s Grand Prix went on as scheduled. This year’s grand prize is disgrace, not glory.

Formula 1’s governing board shamed itself by not pulling out. So did participating drivers. Agreeing to race in a virtual war zone shows nothing matters but winning and money – lots of it. Going along turns a blind eye to state terror.

Mass street protests for justice don’t matter. Nor do brutal security force crackdowns. London Guardian writer Richard Williams said F1’s “supremo Bernie Ecclestone” has a “habit of taking the money and asking no questions.”

Already a billionaire, his money lust is insatiable. Even with race day blood on the streets he wants more. So do participating drivers. Many are multi-millionaires. Passing up one stop on the circuit hardly matters. Sacrifice isn’t their long suit. Neither is doing the right thing.

They turn race competition into a perversion of sport. Thanks to Ecclestone, said Williams, “a sport whose conscience was only troubled by its environmental impact now looks like a pariah.”

Welcome to Bahrain. Witness two spectacles for the price of one – Grand Prix racing and security force viciousness on street protesters in one of the world’s most repressive dictatorships.

One protester death was reported. Salah Abbas Habib’s body was found on a Al Shakhoura rooftop. A well-known activist leader, he was arrested the previous night with others. Reportedly they were tortured. His body showed evidence of shotgun injuries and abuse.

Police tried to prevent journalists and others from seeing it. Photos revealed what they tried to suppress.

Mohammed Hassan was arrested. He tried escorting journalists to protest areas. Security forces beat him badly. Now detained, he’s held incommunicado with no access to counsel or family members.

On a March 30 TV interview, he was asked why he risked speaking publicly. He replied:

“I don’t care anymore. My friends have been in prison. Some are still (there), and some are in hiding, and some are dead.” Whatever happens to him, he added, he accepts it. “I have no choice but to accept it.”

After the interview, he was threatened. He was arrested and beaten. He also participated in a public debate. Expressing his views freely made him a marked man. Now he’s dead. Responsibility points one way.

For weeks, security force violence caused many injuries. More occur daily. On April 10, Bahrain’s interior minister authorized excessive force. Dozens of casualties followed. Many were from shotgun cartridge fragments directed on faces, chests, backs, abdomens, thighs, and other upper body areas.

For weeks ahead of race day, security forces raided towns and villages. Dozens of arrests followed. So did torture and other forms of abuse.

Imagine turning a blind eye and agreeing to be part of this. Writer/activist Finian Cunningham quoted a racing fan saying “(a) bunch of rich people hav(e) fun while others are being killed.”

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Only in Syria … (By Sadeq Khanafer)

Ridiculously, the “Syrian” uprising is not sectarian, but still they hold up slogans such as “Alawites to coffins…Christians to Beirut,” “Muslims and Christians tread on Alawites…” and “Out loud we say, not one Alawite we want to see,” or “O! Alawite, O! Pagan! We will open a grave for you!”… but they say their uprising is not sectarian!

Preposterously, their “revolution” is national and not linked to any foreign conspiring party, yet one will hear them say slogans such as, “O! Israel! We sacrifice our Souls and Blood for you!” or “Bandar, Bandar, Hariri …, We Want Al-Jazeera,” and more slogans like, “No Iran or Hezbollah, We Want One That Fears God!” Are not those the ones who tweet and call out for the American intervention and involvement on their so-called “uprising”?

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