Navy Yard shooting: psyop, loose ends, media parrots


By John Rappoport

After covering a number of mass shootings and bombings over the last 20 years, I question the official explanation when a new one occurs. Automatically. Always. Every single time.

They lie. They obfuscate. They parrot. They don’t investigate beyond a comfortable point. They leave loose ends, which are often far more important than the supposed central facts.

And there is always a psyop after the event. It goes like this: “tragedy,” “unspeakable,” “will bring to justice,” “our thoughts and prayers are with,” “this didn’t happen in a war, it happened here,” “vigil for victims,” “grieving,” “closure,” “nation mourns the loss.”

Why is this a psyop? Because the government officials and mainstream media reporters don’t feel what they claim to be feeling. Their “positions as leaders” feel something, which is the same thing as saying it’s an act.

Beyond that, the purpose of the psyop is to divert attention from the fact that law-enforcement officials are bending the investigation, abandoning significant leads, and taking the short path to a “satisfactory” wrap-up.

To boil down the psyop: “it was tragic, and now it’s solved.” One, two. Open wound, closed wound. That’s the government/media formula.

In my previous article, I mentioned the psychiatric drug connection as a distinct possibility that haunts every one of these crimes. Rarely will reporters bother to look into this. It’s dicey for them. Exposing pharmaceutical companies and their horrendously toxic drugs is bad for business.

Imagine this front-page NY Times headline: “Four leading physicians state that, in all likelihood, the shooter was on one of the SSRI antidepressants, which can and do push people over into violence, including murder.”

Sub-head: “The doctors vow to press the authorities until they get to the bottom of the psychiatric-homicide connection.”

Sure. That’s going to happen when a rooster flies a spaceship to the Orion Belt.

If the purported shooter at the Navy Yard, Aaron Alexis (where is/are the other shooters?), was suffering from PTSD, as his family apparently claims, was he seeing a psychiatrist? What was the diagnosis? What drugs were prescribed? What effects do these drugs have?

Perfectly reasonable and legit questions.

Then we have the drills. In a number of these shootings/bombings, official drills that cover the same kind of event that eventually happens were held at the crime scene. Normal? Or op rehearsals? Desensitization of personnel to the real thing?

It turns out that Navy Citadel Shield security drills were held nationwide, at naval facilities, in February/March of both 2012 and 2013. From, Feb. 28, 2013: “…various training exercises with an emphasis on realism to train personnel. Scenarios included active shooters, mass casualty drills, bomb threats, surveillance, and false credential exercises.”

From USA Today, 9/16: Dave Sarr, an environmental engineer, was walking down a nearby street when he saw people running from the Navy Yard. Sarr had seen an evacuation drill a few days earlier at the Navy Yard. “At first I thought it was another drill,” Sarr said. “Then I saw an officer with his weapon drawn.”


The same USA article cites a federal law-enforcement source (off the record) who states that Aaron Alexis, the accused shooter, cleared a Navy Yard security checkpoint in his car. After parking in the lot, he got into an argument and opened fire on one or two people. He then entered the building where he went on a killing spree.

So did Alexis shoot his way past security guards at the building’s separate checkpoint? Why weren’t the guards waiting for him just outside the building with their weapons drawn, after he, Alexis, had already shot people in the parking lot?

And then, of course, we have the many reports of one or two additional shooters at the Navy Yard. Where is he/they? Authorities now state one of these suspects has been cleared.

In Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, there were reports of “extra” shooters. They faded out in the repetitive media reports of horror, shock, and grief, never to be mentioned again.

Yet another PsyOp: “Stop your husband, Asma” Video

The wives of the German and English ambassadors to the UN make a video urging Asma al-Assad to pressure her husband to end the violence in Syria.

[Editor’s Note: Isn’t that funny that the wives of the very same men that voted in favor of the total destruction of Libya by the Nato evil forces, now adress Asma Al Assad to “stop her husband” ? Let’s be fair. What should Asma prevent her husband from doing? Protecting Syrian people against terrorists (funded, backed, armed, supported, by the west and the gulf monarchies) that kill indiscriminately innocent civilians ? Come on, this video is yet another psy op. Matching perfectly with what Zionist controlled mainstream media keep feeding the dumbed down sheeples with: Lies & propaganda]

Puppet Obama Spent Days Learning How To ‘Sing’ In WH Psy OP

By Ulsterman

White House Insider: Obama Complains – I Wanna Be Cool Again!

A quick email from a longtime Washington DC political insider reveals President Obama’s “complete focus” in preparing for days to sing a few words and then use that moment to wage an all-out PR campaign to recapture the “essence of cool” he so enjoyed during the 2008 campaign.


Hope the morning finds you well. Busy-busy-busy on my end. Will give you a more thorough update in the coming days. Not sure if this information is worth publishing but figured you would get a kick out of it either way. It’s a glimpse into the president’s current state of mind. At the very least shows his priorities which are pretty much on his own image as it has always been. Story told to me on two different occasions within a couple days of each other so likely true for the most part.

Regarding that little singing bit the president did recently. The Al Green thing. If you haven’t seen the clips of that then look it up. Easy to find. It’s been spread wide and far. And that was the plan. That moment was rehearsed to death. As in over and over and over again. Apparently the president has been complaining for some time that he’s no longer cool. He was actually in on a meeting with some of the Plouffe gang and told them more than once he wanted to be cool again. “Like in ’08. We were the sh-t back in 08″. Those are the president’s words. He is obsessed with getting back to being cool like in ’08. It’s become something of a theme apparently in-house among the younger staff. They have started to greet one another with “Are we cool again?” as a joke.

So anyway, back to that singing thing the president did. Told he practiced that little line for days. Seems likely that Obama spent more time on trying to sound good on that bit than he has on dealing with anything else facing the country. They brought in a voice coach. He was playing the song over and over again. It was a complete focus. Pretty damn sad.

Now if you watch the video of it you can see that he colored his hair again. Got the stage makeup up on. And you see how he pauses and gets very serious as he prepares to sing that one little line. That’s the give-away. That’s what he does every time he is trying to look spontaneous during a moment that he has actually practiced over and over for. He is very insecure. Talked with you about that many times before. So he pauses, you see himself getting ready for the moment and then he does the bit.

Now he pulled it off. Sounded fine. I wonder though if America would be so impressed if they knew how many hours the fu–ing President of the United States spent practicing for those few seconds of song.

That’s not the end of it though. By the time that singing thing took place, the campaign had in place about a dozen people working 24/7 to spread the video on the Internet. These same people used all the fake accounts already in place to then comment how great it was. How cool the president was. Pull up some of those videos. Read the comments. Notice how many times the word cool is used. Its repeated so often because those comments are coming more often than not from the same group of campaign operatives and they were told to make the president look “cool”. A few others in the campaign then sent it off to the media to make sure they would place it prominently in the news cycle for the next 48 hours. And there were about 40 or 50 people in the crowd who had been instructed to “cheer loudly” the singing. And you can see how grateful the president is at the audience’s reaction. The guy needs that approval so damn much. The whole thing from beginning to end was a highly orchestrated effort. Not one second of it was spontaneous.

The poor bastard wants to be cool again. Hours and hours spent preparing to sing a few words. Many more hours spent by the campaign spreading the video of that moment. Don’t know if this is worth much of your time, but I found it both sad and funny that this is what this country’s president is obsessed with. Trying to be cool. Good God.

It still boggles my damn mind that me and others gotta be working this hard to defeat him. Guess it goes to show how far wrong things have gone in the country.

One last thing. A heads up. Our friend Mr. DOJ has got some interesting announcements coming his way soon. Don’t be discouraged. The sh-t is moving slow but it’s moving. Things are going better than the outside view would appear. I know it’s a broken record to you, but we got him. Good meeting in -deleted- and then on the road again early next week. Will be in touch after that.


UPDATE: It appears Barack Obama’s desire to return to 2008 with his most recent singing gesture is provided some VIDEO PROOF of him doing a very similar thing on the campaign trail three years ago! (Is everything recycled with this president?)

First – it is clear then-candidate Obama’s singing voice was not quite so…adequate as it was more recently, which would once again confirm the insights shared by Insider. Second – Obama even repeats the “wasn’t gonna do it” line in 2012 as was spoken here in 2008.

Rather sad…

And here is President Obama attempting to sing in 2010. Note how poorly his voice sounds at the 28 second mark. Yes indeed, it appears a bit of music coaching has been underway to ensure a more “cool” moment for the Leader of the Free World in 2012…