Racist Apartheid Israel : Schools for Whites, Schools for Blacks

Ethiopian students? Not in our school

By Dany Adeno Adebe

Students of Ethiopian descent living in Netanya are sent to ‘their own’ school; municipality: Registration areas determined years ago

In the Azorim neighborhood in Netanya 40% or residents are of Ethiopian descent. Most of them live on Motzkin and Eshkol Streets. The local Rambam elementary school is on Eshkol Street. The school has a student body that consists of mostly Ethiopian students.

In its website, the municipality made a statement that more than anything underscores the separation that exists within schools. On the same street, but in different ‘blocks’ there are two separate registration areas.

For example, from 2 Motzkin Street to 20 Motzkin Street, where residents are mostly from the Ethiopian community, children are registered at the nearby Rambam School. Those living in numbers 22 through 28, the newer houses on the block, are registered at the Uziel School some 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away.

The municipality said in response that the registration areas were determined several years ago after the Uziel School’s student body dwindled as the neighborhood average age increased. This led the municipality to expand the Uziel School registration area.

This, in contrast to the Rambam School, where no such problem arose. “Sadly over the years, due to social processes of which the municipality has no control, there is a growing trend of students leaving the neighborhood and the city over their parents’ refusal to send them to Rambam School.

“Some chose to go to independent haredi schools which led to a situation where the number of haredi schools has risen dramatically and their number now equals State schools.

“In order to deal with this new reality and with the mistakes made by the State of Israel when they allowed the Ethiopian aliyah to settle in large concentrated numbers, the education minister and mayor are working to form a plan that will assist in integration and which will change the current reality.”

Racist Mercenary Rats Slaughtering Blacks In Libya

The following stories document how the ZATO 
'rebels' are bringing 'democracy' to Libya... 
Blacks In Libya Still Targeted By Anti-Gaddafi 
Forces - Killings, Beatings, Abuse

By Samuel Dowell

One quarter of indigenous Libyans are black Africans. In addition to that, there were over 1 million workers from Sub-Saharan African countries, including Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria, in Libya at the start of the uprising. On September 13th, Amnesty International reported that:

“‘Widespread, but largely unfounded reports that Gaddafi forces were relying on Sub-Saharan African mercenaries to fight the opposition put them at heightened risk in areas that fell under the control of the NTC. Racist and xenophobic rhetoric, already frequent before the unrest, increased as a result of the breakdown of law and order.”  (p.80)

“The allegations about the use of mercenaries proved to be largely unfounded. Many captured al-Gaddafi fighters, including those interviewed by Amnesty International in Benghazi and Misratah, were in fact Libyan nationals, including individuals from places such as Sabha in the south-west of Libya and from the Tawargha region east of Misratah. Due to their black skin and Sub-Saharan African features, they were mistaken for foreign mercenaries. However, NTC officials did little to correct the false assumption and instead fed the flames of hatred and resentment.(p.83)

“NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil claimed in media interviews that Colonel al-Gaddafi was using ‘African mercenaries’ against his own people. Such claims were especially irresponsible in the climate of insecurity and fed existing racism and xenophobia in Libya and signaled that abuses against foreign nationals would be tolerated by the NTC. (p.83) Further, “NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil promised to ‘close the borders in front of these Africans’.

            (Statement by Mustafa Abdel Jalil p.89)

“When al-Bayda, Benghazi, Derna, Misratah and other cities first fell under the control of the opposition in the third week of February, house raids, killings, lynching and other violent attacks were perpetrated by supporters of the “17 February Revolution” against individuals believed to be foreign mercenaries on account of their skin color.p.82)

Throughout the 6-month conflict, Sub-Saharan African nationals were attacked on what have proved to be largely unfounded suspicions that they were foreign “mercenaries” hired by Colonel al-Gaddafi, and it hasn’t stopped.

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(source: rense.com)