Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen


The retiring Secretary General of NATO

By the time he leaves office on Oct 1, this will already be over.


This was the former Prime Minister of Denmark, an undistinguished professional politician whose whole world has been nothing but words on paper. Currently Rasmussen represents NATO, as a puppet, in the world of politics which has become the step-child most noted for global criminal-activity around the planet. Rasmussen has been at the helm since August of 2009, which means he was there when Syria was first attacked and when Libya was publicly exterminated: Now he wants NATO to do the same thing to Russia.

Rasmussen along with Obama & Israel ought to be on trial in the Hague for Warcrimes, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity ­but instead he’s racing around trying desperately to create another illegal first strike military capability, on the cheap, to start WWIII.

“NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced Monday that the organization was planning to assemble a “spearhead” force that would be able to “travel light but strike hard if needed” in the face of Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior in eastern Ukraine.

The new outfit would be manned by several thousand rotating allied troops who would be ready to respond by air or sea with the aid of special forces, explained Rasmussen.”


It should be pointed out that Rasmussen is not a general, not an expert on weaponry or global military strategy—he was not elected. He’s a puppet who represents NATO that serves the global-bankers as global corporate pirates. As such Rasmussen is just a mouthpiece for a criminal-mob with an agenda that is not equal to the scale of what he’s proposing, as NATO’s solution to a problem, that NATO has no business participating in at all.

In this context Rasmussen easily becomes a Kafkaesque figure!

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NATO Pledges to Stay in Afghanistan (FOR OPIUM)

NATO: No Rush for Exit From Afghanistan



NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has ruled out any exit strategy for the US-led troop presence in Afghanistan before a 2014 timetable.

“There will be no rush for the exits (from Afghanistan),” Rasmussen said on Sunday during a news conference in Chicago, the city hosting a NATO summit, which is discussing the US-led war in Afghanistan, The Associated Press reported.

“Our goal, our strategy, our timetable remain unchanged,” he added.

Rasmussen was addressing the speculations over a decision by newly-elected French President Francois Hollande for early pull-out of French troops. Hollande recently said French combat troops would leave Afghanistan by the end of the year — two years earlier than the timeline set for official withdrawal of US-led forces from Afghanistan.

Also on Saturday, Rasmussen said NATO troops would stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014, despite international calls for withdrawal of foreign troops from the war-torn country.

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