Qatar Admits Sending Arms to Terrorists in Syria

TEHRAN (Source: FNA)- Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani admitted that his country is interfering in Syria’s internal affairs by supporting terrorists and sending weapons to them.

“Declaring a no-fly-zone and providing safe passages for assistance (to terrorists in Syria) is amongst the most important priorities of Qatar,” al-Thani told the CNN.

He also called on the international community to help armed rebels in Syria, adding that such a move doesn’t need the permission of the UN Security Council.

Qatari and Saudi rulers want an overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a staunch ally of Iran, and they have taken every measure to this end.

In his latest remarks against Syria, the Emir of Qatar called on the Arab nations to form a political and military coalition to intervene in Syria, posing a direct challenge to UN efforts to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

Also, director of one of the branches of the Doha Bank disclosed financial documents substantiating the Qatari government’s support for terrorist and rebel groups in Syria.  Continue reading

The News of Libya: October the 12th (19:00)

The Great Liberation Friday

According to new reports, preparations for a large scale attack this Friday, October 14, 2011, are underway in all the occupied cities of Libya. Groups organize and refine their strategies to conduct their operations with maximum efficiency. Calls are made on the internet such as “Al Hajj” today at 8:45, the content is as follows:

“To all the Mujahedeen civilian or military, be prepared to begin the release this Friday at dawn. Be the killer commandos ready. Be the snipers on the rooftops. Be the anti-personnel mines and anti-tank planted on the sides of streets. Be the Molotov Cocktails that are easy to make ready. Kill the rats, no mercy, yell “Allahou Akbar Kabeera”, be victorious. Be glorious. May Allah help us .. Allah is the Almighty! ”

 As for others who read these lines, do not forget your du’a so that every action is a success, because success only comes from Allah

To be continued …

Source: Hassan Alliby (Angeeverse)

The News Of Libya: October 4th

NATO’s mercenaries surrounded inside the city of Sirte

Latest reports from NATO mercenaries entered the southern city of Sirte, but are surrounded by Libyan snipers causing heavy losses. The NATO forces can not withdraw from their positions because they would be exposed to snipers. At least one hundred to two hundred mercenaries from NATO are trapped inside the city, no additional fighters arrived yet. They are short on ammunition and require the intensification of terrorist operations of NATO. It is still difficult to understand why NATO did not send additional fighters. Maybe they are too busy in the intense fighting taking place in the East, and in the districts of Tripoli

New Official Decision

After agreement in consultation and coordination with the Mujahideen and the leaders of all Libya, it was stated that the city of Bani Walid is now the provisional capital of Libya occupied until the release of Tripoli .. It was also adopted at the same time, the adoption of writing the words “Allah Akbar” on the National Green Flag

13:00 Deratification of Libya: Mahmoud Jibril ?

We have not been able to confirm the information but a rumor that the puppet Mahmoud Jibril, president of the CNT, was the target of an operation deratification at a news conference. Awaiting confirmation.

To be continued …

Source: Angeeverse

Muammar Gaddafi: Libya will never belong to traitors, Libya will be a hell for them

Message by the Leader of the Revolution broadcast on Bani Walid radio on September 26

To Libya and its free people: Glory to you, greatest heroes of Libya! You carry the blood of your ancestors with pride.

The media are telling lies, they say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, then they say that I am in Niger — but I am here with you. Continue reading

Racist Mercenary Rats Slaughtering Blacks In Libya

The following stories document how the ZATO 
'rebels' are bringing 'democracy' to Libya... 
Blacks In Libya Still Targeted By Anti-Gaddafi 
Forces - Killings, Beatings, Abuse

By Samuel Dowell

One quarter of indigenous Libyans are black Africans. In addition to that, there were over 1 million workers from Sub-Saharan African countries, including Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria, in Libya at the start of the uprising. On September 13th, Amnesty International reported that:

“‘Widespread, but largely unfounded reports that Gaddafi forces were relying on Sub-Saharan African mercenaries to fight the opposition put them at heightened risk in areas that fell under the control of the NTC. Racist and xenophobic rhetoric, already frequent before the unrest, increased as a result of the breakdown of law and order.”  (p.80)

“The allegations about the use of mercenaries proved to be largely unfounded. Many captured al-Gaddafi fighters, including those interviewed by Amnesty International in Benghazi and Misratah, were in fact Libyan nationals, including individuals from places such as Sabha in the south-west of Libya and from the Tawargha region east of Misratah. Due to their black skin and Sub-Saharan African features, they were mistaken for foreign mercenaries. However, NTC officials did little to correct the false assumption and instead fed the flames of hatred and resentment.(p.83)

“NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil claimed in media interviews that Colonel al-Gaddafi was using ‘African mercenaries’ against his own people. Such claims were especially irresponsible in the climate of insecurity and fed existing racism and xenophobia in Libya and signaled that abuses against foreign nationals would be tolerated by the NTC. (p.83) Further, “NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil promised to ‘close the borders in front of these Africans’.

            (Statement by Mustafa Abdel Jalil p.89)

“When al-Bayda, Benghazi, Derna, Misratah and other cities first fell under the control of the opposition in the third week of February, house raids, killings, lynching and other violent attacks were perpetrated by supporters of the “17 February Revolution” against individuals believed to be foreign mercenaries on account of their skin color.p.82)

Throughout the 6-month conflict, Sub-Saharan African nationals were attacked on what have proved to be largely unfounded suspicions that they were foreign “mercenaries” hired by Colonel al-Gaddafi, and it hasn’t stopped.

Tawergha, A City Of 20,000 Blacks In Libya Emptied By ‘Rebels’

Now in Control, Libyan Rebels Take Revenge

Black Lives Are Cheap In Libya

Torture, Lynchings, Beheadings Of Blacks In Libya

Blacks Hunted Down And Murdered In Libya

Blacks in Libya – Dehumanization of blacks in Libya

Nigerians Being Slaughtered In Libya

Killing of Blacks in Libya By NATO-backed Rebels Continues (New York)




via Dennis South

Over the past 2 weeks, NATO and the rats have suffered 16 major losses:

1. The Libyan Defense Forces re-captured Brega. That’s the oil port where they ship out oil. It’s what NATO wanted to capture, and hold, more than anything. They have NEVER been able to hold Brega, and it is now in the hands of Gaddafi.

2. The Libyan Defense Forces re-captured Ras Lanouf, an important oil refinery. My understanding is that, due to this Jamahiriya success, oil exports from Libya have dropped from 200,000 barrels a day to 20,000, if I read correctly.
3. Their attacks on Bani Walid were rebuffed severely by the Libyan Defence Forces. The “rebels” lost 1,000 soldiers. And the defence was so strong that the rats refused their commanders’ orders to return to the fight. When asked if they were fatigued, they told their commanders, “No. We just do not wish to spill Libyan blood anymore. So, this is a turn of events that might get stronger. We’ll have to wait and see.

4. Same is the case with their attack on Sirte

5. Ditto for Sebha

6. Gaddafi now has at least 10,000 Tuaregs at his disposal (and maybe more), and some of them have crossed into Libya to help him fight. I believe they are now part of his security squad. But the other thing that happened, and that was reported even by the mainstream press, is that Saadi Gaddafi, who the press had attempted to give the impression that he had left the fight by going to Niger, has re-entered the fight. And he has the support of those 10,000 Tuaregs. I do not know if he brought all of them, but my understanding is that thousands of them are now IN LIBYA. The Tuareg council had a meeting of 3 or 4 different representatives of the Tuareg tribes of the Sahara. And they issued a WARNING to Niger: If you interfere with Gaddafi, we will overthrow your government. The Tuareg’s are KNOWN, by military experts, to be the world’s top desert fighters–barring none.

7. Other Saharan tribes and sub-tribes are rallying behind Gaddafi. These are non-Libyans and fiercely loyal to Gaddafi.

8. There’s a gradual trickle of Arab fighters, from other countries, coming to Libya to fight alongside Gaddafi. That is a big surprise, quite frankly (though it shouldn’t be). If this trend continues, it could be quite interesting, and quite positive for the Jamahiriya.

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