The Truthseeker: Leaked US Regime Change Manual, Admits Ukraine’s its ‘Playbook’

Happy Xmas Ukraine! Openly pro-Nazi rioters ripping up paving stones for weapons and driving bulldozers at people get sweets from America’s Asst. Secretary of State, the surprisingly long list of countries where the US attempts regime change under cover of ‘human rights’; and George Clooney becomes the Pentagon’s sexy new weapon.

Seek truth from facts with Humanitarian Imperialism author Jean Bricmont, UN Human Rights Rapporteur Richard Falk, political analyst Richard Becker, Asia Times’ Pepe Escobar, On Immoral Interventionism author Gilad Atzmon, and ‘worth 500,000 dead kids’ Madeleine Albright.

US Refuses To Admit Checkmate By Russia And Syria, Redirects Purpose Of Military Incursion

Admits regime change intention

By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

Following up on this morning’s shocking “appeasement” turn of events by Russia and Syria, the White House has promptly fired back in the only way it knows: digging in deeper:

The White House ✔ @WhiteHouse

“Failing to respond brings us closer to the day when terrorists might gain and use chemical weapons against Americans.” —@AmbassadorRice
7:07 PM – 9 Sep 2013

The Comedy continues:

The White House ✔ @WhiteHouse

“We have seen what happens when the world fails to respond to horrific abuses on the scale we saw in Damascus.” —@AmbassadorRice on #Syria
7:38 PM – 9 Sep 2013

Yes – in Rwanda, Somalia and all those tens of other conflicts the US never got involved in because Qatari/Saudi petrodollar/gas interests were not involved.

With the mainstream media proclaiming last night’s Charlie Rose interview with Assad “propaganda”, the following headlines from a speech by national security advisors Susan Rice will frighten even the most “Miley Cyrus”-numb American:





We can only imagine the ‘score’ underlying her words, which are getting scarier and louder with every verbal escalation…


and an ominous Carmina Burana ‘drum beat’, crescendoing with:


So, it would appear, that a Syrian strike is no longer about preventing Assad from using weapons, as was the story until now, but deterring others from doing what Assad may or may not have done.

At the end of the day, the US will refuse to accept checkmate by being humiliated by grandmaster Putin in the world arena: it seems the decision is already made:


And finally, here is the admission after all. As expected, the whole point of this entire frace was to topple Assad and replace him with a pro-Syria, pro-Qatar, anti-Russia regime:

White House Live ✔ @WHLive

Rice: “Our overarching goal is to end the underlying conflict through a negotiated, political transition in which Assad leaves power” #Syria
7:27 PM – 9 Sep 2013

And if we were Iran we would be worried. Very worried. A false flag in which Tehran attacks Israel is coming any second:

White House Live ✔ @WHLive

Rice: Limited strikes “will make clear to Assad and his allies—Hezbollah & Iran—that they should not test the resolve of the United States.”
7:32 PM – 9 Sep 2013

Obama’s Agenda: Direct Military Intervention and the Relentless Destruction of Syria as a Nation State

The recent announcement that the United States would increase its “non lethal” military aid to Syria’s rebels shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Some speculated that Obama — having been repeatedly proved wrong about the Syria government’s stability — would leave Syria in silent humiliation.

Not so. The destruction of Syrian society will continue, indeed, increase.  Although there are plenty of non-military options the Obama administration could pursue, he’s instead choosing the bloodiest course possible. Millions of Syrians have had their lives destroyed, and now millions more can look forward to a similar fate.

U.S. media outlets have reported that all of the hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. aid to Syria’s rebels has been “non-lethal,” but the New York Times admitted recently:

“American [government] officials declined to discuss an ongoing covert program to train rebel fighters or the extent to which it has made a difference on the battlefield.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Obama is helping to orchestrate the largest state-sponsored terror campaign since the still-simmering genocides of the Congo and Yugoslav wars. This fact has been completely hidden from the view of the U.S. public, but it’s a fact nonetheless.

For example, the only effective fighting force of the Syrian rebels, the Al Nusra Front, has been labeled a terrorist organization, even by the United States. Its frequent terrorist bombings have helped shred the fabric of Syrian society; its most recent massive car bombings killed 100 mostly-innocent people in central Damascus, including dozens of children and wounding hundreds more. Continue reading

The game plan in Syria


By Aamir Raza Husain, Times Of India

The present violence is part of a larger narrative of Western manipulation of the Arab world

The situation in Syria today is a result of a hundred years of Anglo-American intervention and incitement. This is the third time the West has tried to topple a legitimate Syrian Regime. The difference this time though is that the West has a pliant press as an ally.

Bashar Assad had lost the propaganda war long before trouble started in Syria two years ago. The movement against him grew by the week in the media, while on the ground it remained a murmur of discontent. CNN, BBC and Wahhabi Arab channels belted out stories of large scale persecution, with preachers like Sheikh Aruoor and the Qatar based Ahmed Karazvi extorting the Syrians to rise up and bomb government buildings and blow up minority religious institutions.

The story of Western manipulation of the Arab world started in the early 20th century as imperial Britain attempted to redraw the maps of the Middle East. They did it for oil, they did it for trade routes, and they did it for fun. With the U.S. as an ally, Britain plotted the overthrow of unfriendly regimes, and the assassination of hostile leaders. After the Second World War President Eisenhower asked his British allies to develop “a high class plan to split the Arabs.” And by the early 60’s the Arabs were split right down the middle.

On one hand were the secular nationalist regimes led by Egypt’s Nasser, which included Syria, Libya and Iraq. On the other hand pro-Western monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar ruthlessly crushed human rights and followed archaic tribal laws.

Continue reading

UN Vote on Syria Reflects Changing Battlefield

UN Syria Resolution Signals Ebbing Western Legitimacy, Growing Western Aggression
 by Tony Cartalucci

August 4, 2012 – Friday’s UN vote will no doubt be declared by the Western media as a resounding condemnation of Syria and a “universal” call for a “political transition” to install the US State Department’s stable of hand-picked and groomed administrative proxies. However, aside from CNN, BBC, and Qatari Al Jazeera’s ever-shrinking audiences, few on the planet will be convinced of these headlines.

The UN General Assembly has become an instrument of corporate-financier interests. Able to abuse the one-nation, one-vote structure of resolution votes, it can repeatedly pass “resolutions” despite nations representing over half the world’s population abstaining or voting against said resolutions. It should also be noted that Western representatives cast votes and produce “resolutions” without input or approval of their own populations – it is the very embodiment of the dysfunction brought about by overly centralized, unchecked supranational governance.

133 nations did indeed vote for the resolution tabled by the despotic absolute monarchs of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both of whom are ironically conducting their own campaigns of brutal repression both at home, and in neighboring Bahrain – this not counting the overt weapons and militants they have sent into Syria to destabilize Syria in the first place. The hypocritical nature of the resolution’s sponsors is only outmatched by the feeble support it received. Should one actually analyze how many people were represented by the 133 nations that voted for the resolution, versus the 43 nations that did not support it, they would see a different story.

UN Vote is a Shift Away From Wall Street and London Continue reading

Article from 2003 reveals a 1957 UK-USA conspiracy against Syria: Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot

[Editor’s note: As you will read in the following article, the 1957 plan to carry out a regime change operation in Syria, is being implemented today. The same process is being adopted to bring Bashar Al Assad down. For those calling us “conspiracy theorists”, this article proves that indeed, there’s always been conspiracies and plots to destabilize non aligned countries which didn’t serve western interests. Thanks in advance for sharing this article. That proves what we’ve been saying & reporting since day 1, what Syrian president himself declared many times, what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah underlined in his speech yesterday July the 18th as in many other speeches before, there is an international plot against Syria]

Harold Macmillan and President Dwight Eisenhower

Documents show White House and No 10 conspired over oil-fuelled invasion plan

  • Ben Fenton
  • The Guardian, Saturday 27 September 2003 02.35 BST

Nearly 50 years before the war in Iraq, Britain and America sought a secretive “regime change” in another Arab country they accused of spreading terror and threatening the west’s oil supplies, by planning the invasion of Syria and the assassination of leading figures.

Newly discovered documents show how in 1957 Harold Macmillan and President Dwight Eisenhower approved a CIA-MI6 plan to stage fake border incidents as an excuse for an invasion by Syria’s pro-western neighbours, and then to “eliminate” the most influential triumvirate in Damascus.

The plans, frighteningly frank in their discussion, were discovered in the private papers of Duncan Sandys, Mr Macmillan’s defence secretary, by Matthew Jones, a reader in international history at Royal Holloway, University of London. Continue reading

Putin: ‘No One Has Right to Decide Who Rules Syria’

Russian President Vladimir Putin stresses his country’s stance on Syria, saying no body has the right to interfere in other countries and decide who rules.

“We believe that nobody has the right to decide for other nations who should be in power and who should not,” Putin told reporters after a G20 summit in the Mexican beach resort of Los Cabos.

“It is not changing the regime that is important, but that after changing the regime, which should be done constitutionally, violence is stopped and peace comes to the country,” he said.
Putin said all sides should sit down and work things out beforehand.

As he affirmed his country’s opposing to international interference in Syria, the Russian leader criticized what has been coming on in Libya following the interference by NATO air forces.
“Unlike in some North African countries where violence goes on even after regime change,” Putin said.

Putin’s forthright remarks came the day after he joined US President Barack Obama in calling for an “immediate” end to the Syria conflict.
“In order to stop the bloodshed in Syria, we call for an immediate cessation of all violence,” the two leaders said in a statement after meeting on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit of the world’s leading economies.

Source: Al Manar

Russian-Chinese Summit Stresses Categorical Rejection of Foreign Intervention in Syria

BEIJING, (Source: SANA)- Russia and China on Wednesday announced their categorical rejection of foreign intervention in Syria and the imposition of regime change on the Syrians.

A joint declaration, signed by President Vladimir Putin of Russia and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao and concluding talks in Beijing, warned of the repercussions which the Syrian crisis may have on the countries of the region, stressing that the developments in Syria are of a great importance in terms of ensuring peace and stability in the countries of the Middle East and the world as a whole.

Both sides reiterated urgent call for finding a peaceful and just solution to the Syrian crisis away from foreign intervention through halting violence by all parties to the conflict and starting an all-inclusive political dialogue.

The joint Russian-Chinese document stressed that Moscow and Beijing strongly reject the attempts at solving the Syrian crisis by means of force and foreign intervention.

Russia and China also oppose imposing the option of regime change on the Syrians by foreign powers including by the international Security Council, the declaration added. Continue reading

Neo-Imperialists Grind Away at Syrian Sovereignty

Recolonization of Syria 20 years in the making.

editorial By Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report

April 24, 2012 – Western corporate-financiers have plotted since at least 1991 to overturn not only Syria’s government, but to topple and co-opt the governments of every nation previously in the Soviet sphere of influence. US Army General Wesley Clark made it known during a 2007 speech given to the Commonwealth Club of California, that in 1991, then Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz said the US had 5-10 years to clean up the old Soviet “client regimes” before the next super power rose up and challenged western hegemony.

Clark would go on to say that shortly after September 11, 2001, while at the Pentagon, a document handed down from the Office of the Secretary of Defense indicated plans to attack and destroy the governments of 7 countries; Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Lebanon and Libya.

More recently, US State Department is on record stating that millions of dollars have been spent recruiting, training, networking, and equipping armies of “activists” from these targeted nations since at least 2008 to return home and sow the very unrest seen at the beginning of the “Arab Spring” – unrest that has served as the very foundation for the violence now plaguing Syria.

And even as the UN’s Kofi Annan disingenuously peddles his 6-point “peace plan,” the US, European Union, and their Arab League junior partners, are funding and arming the rebels to continue the fight even while attempting to hold the Syrian government accountable to the peace deal they themselves brazenly flaunt.

Never has it been so obvious that “international law” and “humanitarian concerns” are merely the latest contrived rhetorical devices, institutionalized as “the responsibility to protect,” to expand the financial, political, and tactical hegemony of today’s imperialists across the globe.


 Image: Brookings Institution’s Middle East Memo #21 “Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf),” makes no secret that the humanitarian “responsibility to protect” is but a pretext for long-planned regime change. Continue reading