“My life with Gaddafi family” – Interview with Gaddafi’s personal cook

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According to new image, Gaddafi is still alive

A new image of Qaddafi has been circulating among Libyans through cell phone and social media networks, the image shows Qaddafi with a large beard and still alive. Muammar Qaddafi was apparently martyred when US bombed his convoy and paid Mercenaries from Libyan decent sent to finish the job.

As fighting continues around Libya and protests gain momentum, the US agents are being targeted. Khalifa Haftar’s two sons have been injured within few days and he himself survived an assassination attempt.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil tried to resign after surviving an assassination attempt but the occupying regime did not accept his resignation, all traitors and US agents are trying to leave before Libya explodes, meanwhile NATO member states call the destruction and bloodshed in Libya one of their biggest success stories.

Source: Ozyism