Gallup CEO: High Unemployment Will Make Romney President

By Kurt Nimmo,

Jim Clifton, GEO of Gallup, the leading poll company in America, told Russia Today unemployment will sink Obama’s re-election bid.

‘Obama second term in hands of 30 mln unemployed’

“According to the Gallup poll, if we vote tonight, Romney will beat him… They are not voting for Romney – they just vote against the president,” Clifton said.

Forget Afghanistan, Pakistan and a new war in Africa – Americans are more concerned about losing their jobs. “If something really big happens… that will only make a little bit of a difference. Americans don’t want to hear about foreign policy. They should, but they don’t,” Clifton said.

Clifton admitted unemployment is around 20 percent, far higher than the 8 percent the government and the establishment media keep insisting it is. Others put the number at 22.5%, a number closing in on the last Great Depression’s unemployment figure of 25%.

“Gallup shows real unemployment is close to 20 per cent in America. Not 8.5 but 20 per cent. 30 million people are out of work. 60 per cent of them told Gallup they have no hope of getting a job. That is 18 million,” he said.

Americans blame the president for their economic woes and high unemployment, although it is obvious the presidency is merely a ceremonial position and the real economic decisions are made by the Federal Reserve and the bankster cartel.

Obama’s administration, like that of his predecessor, is stacked with Goldman Sachs operatives and one-world government proponents. Obama’s job is to recite the globalist mantra from behind the teleprompters, not wave a magic wand and create jobs and lower gasoline prices.

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