UK dispatches 200 Special Forces in-around Syria

UK Special Forces Sniper

The British Army has dispatched nearly 200 elite members from the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Service in and around.

A senior military expert, who asked to remain anonymous, said the elite SAS and SBS troops are in Syria to both gather information about and confiscate those ‘chemical weapons’.

The elite special troops are working alongside those that are dispatched by the British foreign spying apparatus- MI6, to the country in an attempt to gather intelligence about the movement of the Syrian army forces, experts said. Continue reading

British Paper Claims Western Troops are in Syria

With zero mandate, SAS allegedly “hunts for WMDs” as West attempts incremental intervention at any cost.

By Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer

August 26, 2012 – The British Daily Star has reported in their article, “SAS HUNT BIO ARMS,” that, “nearly 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction.” The Star also claims that the SAS are accompanied by British MI6, US CIA, and both French and American soldiers. This after US’ Barack Obama made comments claiming the US would military intervene if Syria so much as “moves them [unconfirmed WMDs] in a threatening fashion.”

Like Iraq, the West has provided no evidence that such weapons even exist, let alone prove that the weapons have or even would be used against terrorists operating across Syria. And like in Iraq, another false pretext is being developed through leaks, and limited hangouts in an attempt to prime the public for a desperate intervention designed to bolster the West’s collapsing terrorist front.

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British media admitted that leaders of armed terror groups in Syria have been trained by former SAS soldiers

UK media say SAS soldiers train armed rebels in Syria.

The British media have admitted that that former Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers are training leaders of armed rebels in Syria as reports said Britain has placed more than 600 troops on standby over the unrest in Syria

The Mail admitted that leaders of armed terror groups in Syria have been trained by former SAS soldiers as it claimed that the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad would be toppled within four weeks.

Furthermore, the newspaper said defence chiefs in Britain have put over 600 British soldiers on standby as part of contingency plans to evacuate British nationals from Lebanon saying the unrest in Syria could spill over into Lebanon.

This comes after British Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed to step up support for armed rebels inside Syria, a bid aimed at further fanning the flames of unrest inside the country.

Speaking with the state-run BBC on Friday 20 July, Hague said Britain should be acting outside the United Nations Security Council and intensify its work to support aggressive groups in Syria who target its government officials.

A terrorist bombing at the headquarters of the National Security Bureau in Damascus earlier this week claimed the lives of four senior officials including Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat, Security Chief General Hisham Ikhtiyar, and Assistant Vice President Hassan Turkmeni.

Source: PressTV

Syria: Pentagon Prepares Military “Options” for War Prez’ Obama

By Kurt Nimmo at

The Pentagon and the U.S. Central Command are preparing “options” for Obama as the United States transitions from diplomatic pressure to military action against Syria.

“Before we start talking about military options, we very much want to ensure that we have exhausted all the political, economic and diplomatic means at our disposal,” Ambassador Susan Rice said on CNN’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” on Wednesday.


The Free Syrian Army is widely recognized as a creation of NATO. It receive support from MI6, the CIA, and British SAS.

The administration calls the preparation a “scooping exercise” designed to find out what military assets Obama will use when the signal is finally given to attack Syria. According to CNN, the planning exercise is typical Pentagon protocol.
“The Pentagon is closely monitoring developments in Syria. It wouldn’t be doing its job if it didn’t put some ideas on the table,” senior U.S. officials explained. “But absolutely no decisions have been made on military support for Syria.”

According to CNN, the options under consideration include military support for opposition groups supported by NATO, the CIA and MI6. Military strikes by the U.S. inside the country are also under consideration.

Most of the analysis is being done by the staff of Gen. James Mattis, head of U.S. Central Command. Mattis is working in collaboration with General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who will present options to the White House.

Earlier today, the Israeli-centric intelligence outfit DEBKAfile reported both British and Qatari Special forces have been dispatched to Syria. DEBKA says “tactical advisers” are working in tandem with the Syrian opposition, but are not involved in the fighting.

“The report suggests that the situation in Syria is developing in an almost identical manner to how rebels in Libya were aided by British and French Special Forces,” writes Paul Joseph Watson.

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