Analgate: Quid Pro & Ho


By Lame Cherry

When one examines the murder of Sheik bin Laden’s corpse, it’s head is a dead Muslim, it’s body is a pile of seals and it’s anus is Benghazi Libya. It is all the same whore and it’s price has been before thee entire world.

Forget or overlook for a moment that 300 million dollars in illegal bribes of credit card fraudulent electronic currency which the Obama 2008 campaign took in illegally and these Muslim Brotherhood donors have been awarded with nations from Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, with work on Syria and Israel.

Remember though what this diversion from Barack Hussein Obama’s forged birth documents, the fraud of installing this Designer Negro into 1600 Penn Avenue and the costs of keeping this Eurasian asset of the global elite in power.

This is not blackmailing John Roberts of the Supreme Court for Obamacare. This is not bribes to Nancy Pelosi and Darrell Issa for no investigations of Obama. This is not even about billions in bribes to Obama donors for “green” projects which funnel back into the Obama billion dollar campaign. This is tangibles of what takes place when a fraud like Barry Chin starts utilizing the resources of these United States to keep hisself in power and how it spirals out of existence in his rising to the terror leader of al Qaeda run out of Washington, DC.

This will be broken down into three segments explaining all of this in Joseph Farah English as those brats whose heads hurt in reading this poetic nuance, do need to get this information as this is all too much for their little souls to ingest.

Barack Obama is like Adolf Hitler in understanding that the mob of little people can never rise to tell the whopper lies which Obama does, so they are too frightened to question the lies of Mr. Obama, and the mob requires being told what they are witnessing is criminal, so they know these actions are criminal.


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Obama Analgate: The Rose Suppository

By Lame Cherry

My children, the reality is Lame Cherry is the Bob Woodward of the 21st century in breaking stories for years, and for the uncovering of ANALGATE, the hostage gone anal rape and murder election fiasco of the Obama 2012 campaign.

You have lived weeks in the future with this blog, now live months in telling you what took place, as now even CO Jones of Western Journalism has heard the rumors coming directly from inside the White House.

This operation was focused on many things and the chief of them deals with the disarming of American Soldiers in Afnamistan when Leon Panetta visited there. As this blog exposed there were numbers of ops who were furious over what the murder of bin Laden’s corpse unleashed in the retaliation mass assassination of the Obama SEALS in Team Six.

The regime was operating in fear, and it is why Muchelle was exposed in that bizarre reach out to dead Soldiers families in pretending the regime actually cared for the Soldiers. They were afraid people in this group were going to go postal.

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