Second Round of Sidon Clashes: Assir Partisans Attack Lebanese Army

Clashes re-erupted in the southern city of Sidon on Sunday, as Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir’s armed partisans attacked a checkpoint for the Lebanese Army in the eastern neighborhood of Abra.

Security source told al-Manar correspondent that at least two Army personnel were martyred during clashes, among them an officer.
The source added that two army personnel were injured; also among them  an officer.

Another source stressed to al-Manar that the clashes started when Assir’s partisans attacked a checkpoint for the Lebanese Army in Abra.

National news agency initially reported that at least two army soldiers were injured during the clashes.

Clashes spread to reach residential areas in Abra, where residents were appealing for a ceasefire in order to evacuate the civilians.

Media outlets reported that several mortar shells reached the neighboring area of Sidon’ Hara.

Earlier on Tuesday, Assir’s partisans opened fire in Abra, causing clashes to erupt with several youths in the area.
One civilian was killed as he was passing by during the clashes.

Several figures in Sidon, including the head of Nasserist Party Osama Saad and Sheikh Maher Hammoud, warned following the clashes that the city may change to be like the northern city of Tripoli where clashes repeatedly erupt between the neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

Source: Al Manar