Libya – American soldier and French journalist holding guns & smiling while thousands dying in Sirte

A journalist holding an AK-47 ? It can’t get more crazy and insane than that. Libya has been a land of experiments since day 1 ! They tested their massive media lies, they tested the efficiency of journalist in providing military information to NATO and its mercenaries, and now we can see a journalist holding a weapon!

That’s one of the reasons Nato destroyed Sirte

Look at this video. This was Sirte on July the 21st. A city full of life, families in the streets cheering at their beloved leader. Now, October the 24th, Sirte is a ghost town. Its citizens were bombed continuously for more than 3 weeks by the White Empire bombs. All the civilian infrastructures were destroyed.

That’s how they spread democracy… with death and destruction.

Remember that the one using its strength to impose his/her will, is the weak one. If your intentions are about Justice, Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Love, then you will never need to impose them. People will adopt them. That is why Libyans adopted Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya ! And that is why they’ve been defending it for 8 months, relentlessly. Despite the bombs, despite the destruction, despite the mass killings, despite the traitors. And they will keep doing it ! Even if the DEVIL HIMSELF was coming. They would keep defending their GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. 

HRW works for NATO and endeavours to cover up its Crimes Against Humanity in Libya (and all over the world)

By MKERone (co-founder of Coutnerpsyops)

In a recent article, I explained how Human Rights Watch proceeds to mislead public opinion. Today, another proof came out in the medias. And today, they’ve reached another level. The ultimate level of deception.

Indeed, today HRW claims that rebels executed 53 Gaddafi loyalists. The corpses were found in Hotel Mahari in District 2 of Sirte. On Russia Today’s article, we can read:  “the group considers the accident to be part of the murders and lootings from some opposition forces that do not want to obey any law at all. HRW calls for Libya to get these people under control”

Well, there are several interesting things to point out about HRW and its apparently UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY of loyalists being executed.

Since day 1, reports from many independent sources that were part of fact-finding missions in Libya, confirmed that the rebels where slaughtering civilians just because they supported Muammar Gaddafi; or just for being “Black” (Lizzie Phelan, Mahdi Nazemroaya, Sukant Chandan, Franklin Lamb, …) Where were HRW people at the time ? Oh true, at that time, they were comfortably sitting in their European offices, reporting about Gaddafi’s crimes… Gaddafi’s crimes that NEVER TOOK PLACE and that none of the Nato members succeeded to prove until date. Seems like mainstream media doesn’t care since they’re not talking about this crucial point anymore (that contributes in making this War totally unjustified and unlawful). Nor does HRW. Correction: They’ve never talked about it actually.

On top of spreading fake reports, HRW has apparently been granted with an additional mission by Nato member states: Besides misleading public opinion by demonizing Gaddafi by providing fake information, they now have to cover up Nato crimes. When the White Empire’s most powerful army in the history started dropping thousands of bombs full of depleted uranium on the innocent civilians of Libya, HRW remained totally silent. Instead of reporting about the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity being carried out by its masters and funders, it shifted public opinion’s focus on Syria in order to demonize Bashar Al Assad’s regime by providing, once again, fake information.

Today, it has reached another level. The ultimate stage of deception. With its above mentioned report (You can click HERE) of loyalists being executed they’re misleading public opinion again. And covering up one of the worst atrocities of our decade (We don’t forget about Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan. But today we’re focusing on their role in the Libyan War)

HRW assumes that this execution was carried out by “anti Gaddafi fighters from Misrata” and calls “on Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) to conduct an immediate and transparent investigation into the apparent mass execution and to bring those responsible to justice”.

1. Well, this simple extract is enough for HRW to wipe away NTC’s accountability in this mass killing. But wait… I thought the Misrata fighters were controlled by the NTC… Yes, so NTC is accountable for these executions. Well, they apparently aren’t anymore… So, some random fighters from Misrata, nobody knows who they are, are to be blamed and punished for it… What a great example of JUSTICE!

2. Why didn’t HRW call on Gaddafi to conduct an immediate and transparent investigation into the apparent killing of civilians and to bring those responsible to justice? Instead of calling for a UN resolution that led to Nato intervention? Well, if today we cannot hold NTC accountable for hideous mass killings from its own “freedom fighters” especially with blatant proofs then why could we hold Gaddafi accountable ? Especially without any proof….

3. On top of that, by focusing on these 53 loyalists (Peace be upon them) HRW is covering up a much more important killing, we can even call it a Crime Against Humanity. The one carried out by Nato. If HRW found those 53 corpses in Sirte, how couldn’t it see the civilian corpses laying all over the city ? And all over the country. Couldn’t HRW see the massive destruction of civilian infrastructure, residential areas, schools, water pipes, electricity plants in the very same city? Are they blind ? No, they aren’t. And they saw the chaos that Nato brought about. And they very well know that thousands of civilians must have died since Nato’s primary targets were civilian infrastructures.

4. Why didn’t HRW expose that each Tomahawk, like the ones dropped on Libya, contains 300Kgs of depleted uranium ? Why didn’t it exposes the use of cluster bombs ? Why don’t they focus on estimating the civilian deaths brought about by NATO ? Especially when estimations from independent sources are about 60’000 innocents dead. Maybe because those sources are not reliable enough… But those claiming that Gaddafi sent his Air Force to bomb his population were apparently more reliable… (please check this link: Russia Intel satellite shows Gaddafi did not attack his people )

5. Why didn’t HRW exposed Nato members providing heavy weapons and artillery to the rebels in complete breach of UN resolution?

6. Why didn’t HRW expose the fact that what mainstream media and western leaders were today calling Rebels or Freedom Fighters, were once called Al Qaeda terrorists ?

So many questions… And all answers lead to the same point. That HRW is absolutely not about Human Rights.

Brief Conclusion:

HRW, NATO, UN and other international organizations no longer benefit from their beautiful image of FREEDOM and JUSTICE  lovers. Everyday brings its loads of proofs that all those organizations are nothing more than smoke screens to cover up White Empire hideous crimes and world enslavement.

I call on you, people, to spread this article, and all other articles of interest that you might find on our website and on other websites. Spread the truth. Expose the traitors. Expose the liars. Expose the crimes. Don’t remain silent and idle while our leaders take us, everyday, a step closer to the Global Chaos.

Thousands celebrated in Libyan Liberation Day ??

According to NATO propaganda thousands of people celebrated the liberation day, also known as occupation day. But in reality, only hundreds, rather than thousands celebrated the fake liberation day. Mercenaries tried hard to bring people out, but only a hundred die hard NATO loyalists came out with the Monarch flag.

It was a day to mourn, because hundred cowards were celebrating the occupation of their nation, a day of rage because half of Libya in ruins, a day to weep because NATO turned Libya in to a slaughter house, half of a Tribe massacred in Sirte.

According to latest reports, Mercenaries have been ordered to hide their weapons and join the crowds because people are refusing to celebrate in such a day of shame.

Not even NATO propaganda could hide the fact that Libyans see this as day of rage, a day to mourn and a day to weep, one reporter was forced to tell the truth in Sirte when he said “I didn’t see a SINGLE local out on the streets celebrating the “new” Libya“.

Source: Ozyism

Sirte refugees queue for food aid away from NATO bombing





Hundreds of hungry civilians from Sirte lined up Sunday on the eastern outskirts of the city to receive food aid away from the non-stop NATO bombing and shelling of Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown.

Men and children, holding ration cards, passports and other identification papers, turned up in cars or on foot to take away food items for their families being distributed by a local charity.

“I have 17 people in my family, eight of them children, who are hungry and have nothing to eat,” said Rafah Hamid, who fled Sirte three weeks ago after NATO and its rebels started their unwavering attacks.

“When I left my home I took supplies that lasted until now, but since two days we have nothing. Our children are hungry and Continue reading

The News Of Libya (October 17th 22h30)

Tripoli: Heavy fighting took place around the Tripoli International Airport. NATO aircraft flew over the place, but we do not know “who” bombed. Resistance seems to dominate the situation, so that the majority of the rebels returned to find refuge inside the airport building. Among them, many foreign “instructors”. In the district of Abu Salim, five families in whom the renegades have found weapons were murdered, 15 members belonging to these five families were all killed by armed rebels.

Zliten : The people who fiercely defends the city again asked the renegades to disappear. Thus, a small minority of recalcitrant were attacked and forced to flee.

Beni Walid : Another failure for the renegades. Yesterday, the city was quiet, but now the rats have attempted penetration by the West, but this attempt ended in a failure. 10 killed and others fled. Heavy equipments were recovered by the resistance.

Ghadames : The Renegades tried to bribe the Tuareg tribes with millions of dollars to ask them to deliver Gaddafi suspected of being under their protection. Refusal with the added bonus of a warning no one thinks to bomb their homes.

Sirte : This city is waiting to be completely destroyed and wiped out of the map and its population is waiting for a complete extermination, the city continues its heroic resistance. This is truly the pride of all Libya and all decent people around the world.

BY THE Wadiya HADAD Monday, October 17, 2011 22:30

Source: Angeeverse

Lies, Damn Lies And NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

By Stephen Lendman


At an October 11 press briefing, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu claimed Operation Unified Protector (NATO’s aggression on Libya) “has been a great success. We’re pretty close to the end, but we’re not there yet.”

“We did the right thing. We saved countless lives. We did it the right way, fast, with flexibility, involving Partners from the start, and we did it for the right reasons; to fully implement the mandate of the United Nations Security Council.”

“Now we will make sure the end of the operation will come when the time is right. We will not leave the job half done.”

“Our mission, as you know, is to prevent attacks and threats against civilians, so we will terminate the mission once we assess that there is no longer a systematic and significant threat….”

NATO military spokesperson Col. Roland Lavoie followed Lungescu with similar comments, claiming “we have witnessed a significant evolution of the situation in Libya.”

He added that “NATO is exercising air power only when necessary and always with caution, discernment and precision.”

Fact check

On October 13, UN Support Mission to Libya head Ian Martin briefed Security Council members by video-link. His assessment differed greatly from NATO, saying:

“The situation (in Libya) is far from stable. There are many security concerns. The fighting is still on. Violations of human rights and international humanitarian law have been registered.”

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by Allain Julles

Avec la même cadence, l’organisation terroriste du nom d’OTAN poursuit ses bombardements à Syrte. La défaite leur est insupportable, d’autant plus que la résistance est féroce. Alors que Syrte ressemble de plus en plus à Dresde voire Hiroshima, les soldats de l’apocalypse trouve que les patriotes doivent se rendre alors que sur le terrain, ne possédant pas de l’armement d’en face, ils sont meilleurs. La disproportion des forces ne leur fait pas peur.

Les pseudo défenseurs des droits de l’homme sont aux abonnés absents. Ils ne s’expriment plus, comme tétanisés face à la barbarie qui se joue en Libye. Ceux qui légitiment cette guerre injuste, même s’ils ne passeront jamais devant un tribunal pour payer leurs crimes, seront jugés d’une façon ou d’une autre.

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