Sirte Martyred by NATO


The religious leaders of Sirte (Libya) have issued a fatwa authorizing the surviving residents to eat dogs and cats.
About one month ago some 3 000 soldiers and 80 000 civilians were trapped in the city, besieged by the forces of the National Transitional Council, overseen by officers of the International Coalition, and bombed by NATO.

Sirte no longer receives food supplies. Electricity and water are cut off. Hospitals stopped functioning. The city is in ruins.

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By Dr. Christof LEHMANN at nsnbc


Most of Tripoli is Liberated, Sirte is holding on, Bani Walid, Sabah, Zliten, and countless other cities are free. As morning came to Libya the results of the onset of a new stage of the Libyan Liberation become undeniable. While Libyans mourn the death of those fallen in the fight for liberation, the TNC and NATO mourn massive losses of territory, troops, and trust. NATO and the TNC lost over 1.000 fighters, and over 1.500 are wounded. Their greatest casualty how ever, are the Lies about Libya, which were put to rest by the new phase of Libya´s Liberation

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

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Libya: See the destruction of Sirte by Nato & Libyan traitors

See the destruction of Sirte (starting at 28th second). Who could possibly call himself a “revolutionary” and destroy its country and kill its fellow citizens ? This is not a revolution. It has never been. It is war! And it was planned and engineered a while ago by imperialist powers and traitors.

Put your speakers on mute. The presstitute spreads the usual propaganda. We upload this video just so you can see the destruction of this city, that was, before imperialist started, a nice and pleasant place to live.

Libyan News Update Oct 15 – Very Early Morning – 2 NATO COPTERS DOWN

Big successes for the Green resistance. Even the Rixos hotel has been taken by the Green Resistance. 2 NATO helicopters shot down during Massive Protests in Tripoli.

The rebels seemed to have never gained any support from the residents.

(source: YT108Morris108)

Fatima Gaddafi, head of the faction of women in Libyan resistance – October 13, 2011

According to the Libyan government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, an for the first time, he confirms the presence of women in the Libyan resistance of Sirte and Bani Walid as combatants in their own right.

He added that ElMoujahida Fatima Gaddafi responsible for the faction of women in the Libyan resistance and spokesman of this resistance in Sirte, said the fighters fought west of the city of Sirte. Early this morning, they were able to defeat the rebels and militias they have chased out of town.

Fatima ElMoujahida Gaddafi said although things have calmed down in Sirte for the time after application of a new strategy that has given good results in short time. Continue reading

Libya: Map illustrating the military situation of Sirte October 13, 2011

According to Zengtena, the rebels have infiltrated yesterday, the city of Sirte following heavy bombardments of NATO aircrafts. They were shooting like crazy on the buildings and the civilians in media coverage of the media lies.
This morning, the rebels withdrew from the city of Sirte after heavy human and material losses on their side. They had an unprecedented deluge of fire from the fighters of the Libyan resistance.

They soon realized that despite despite their weapons and air support from NATO and the CNT lies amplified by the medias about the arrest of Gaddafi Moatassem, that they were not strong enough to defeat the Libyan resistance. Combatants: men, women and children fought fiercely resisting the invaders from Benghazi.

The map shows the city of Sirte and the positioning of the rebels around Sirte. They retraced their steps after an unprecedented offensive of the Libyan resistance.

The colors are as follows:
The green color of the Libyan resistance forming a shield covering and protecting the city against the traitors Sirte.
The color red represents areas of fighting opposing the Libyan resistance against the traitors.
Black shows the positioning of rebels around the city of Sirte.
Not to mention that the sea is well-guarded by the Libyan resistance to prevent maritime infiltration of rebels or especially mercanaires West. InchAllah God will protect the city of Sirte and its people against the invaders , the traitors and NATO

Source: Algeria ISP

Sirte: NATO Mercenaries holed up in police headquarters

According to new reports by NATO media outlet AFP, NATO Mercenaries are holed up inside police station headquarters in Sirte after fleeing the front lines.

Libyan Defense Forces are out maneuvering NATO and its Mercenaries on the battle field, traps have caused huge casualties, and far sight strategies have destroyed the moral of NATO Mercenaries. NATO media outlets continue inventing lies to boost Mercenary morals, but all lies eventually get shattered. For example the lie regarding Qaddafi’s son and his capture, after few hours of celebration the lie was exposed.

Source: Ozyism

The News of Libya October the 13th / Message from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim


International (LVO):  On October 14 in Libya is expected at the national level, a walk under the green banner across the country. The country does not want “democracy” as seen by Westerners. In this regard, the Spokesman, Special Representative of the Libyan government official, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, said Oct. 12 that

“The Libyan people bearer of liberty has nerves of steel, high morale, because the wind blows is hope, however, people have already experienced the first shock and return.”

Moussa said:

“We want our young people are studying the experience of the Vietnamese revolution, resistance to the Americans, and how they have won …. We ask our young to know the character of  General Nguyen Giap  and failures as well as against the defense of Sirte. We believe that many names will be glorified in the resistance and the personalities of the people recognized.

We promised change during the week and now the rise of preparations for October 14 provided for the whole of Libya from north to south and from east to west, confirms that the time of release is near and that the Libyan people and the world will know two things Friday: 

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