Syria: SNC Convinces Russia To Increase Help For Assad

The exile Syrian National Council was invited to Moscow and when there tried to convince the Russian of their cause. The way they did it shows a grotesque and amateurish stupidity.

Russia needs to understand that the conflict in Syria is not a dispute between the opposition and regime but a revolution, the chief of the main exiled opposition group said in Moscow on Wednesday.“The events in Syria are not disagreements between the opposition and the government but a revolution,” Syrian National Council (SNC) chief Abdul Basset Sayda told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, comparing the events in his country to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

To set fall of the Soviet Union, which wasn’t caused by revolution but by the wrangling within the political leadership, as an example for Syria’s future will have convinced all Russians to double their effort to stand by the Syrian government. Here is why:

Speaking to the nation in his annual address, Putin used some of his strongest language to describe his country’s fate over the past 14 years.”The collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century,” Putin said. “For the Russian people, it became a real drama. Tens of millions of our citizens and countrymen found themselves outside Russian territory. The epidemic of disintegration also spread to Russia itself.”

That the fall of the Soviet Union was a catastrophe is not only Putin’s opinion:

“It is very clear that for the great majority of Russian people, the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a personal catastrophe,” [Boris] Kagarlitskii[, the director of the Institute of Globalization Studies in Moscow,] said. “It was also a catastrophe for a tremendous majority of people in Tajikistan, quite a lot of people in Uzbekistan, and so on, including many people in Ukraine. Because families were divided, people’s lives were ruined, living standards collapsed, the minimal standards of human justice, and very often of freedom, were also neglected.”

That is indeed also the likely the perspective for the majority of Syrians should the western sponsored insurgency win.

To remind the Russians of that is the most dumb thing the SNC chief could have done in Moscow. Putin’s support, and that of the Russian people, for the Syrian government may well increase after this SNC lecture.

Source: Moon Of Alabama