Press TV correspondent, Maya Nasser, killed in Syrian capital

By MKERone

Maya Nasser was killed by a sniper in Damascus, today. And that’s a Nato technique without a doubt. Another western assassination in Syria… Be sure that no international investagition will follow this hideous crime. No-one will be punished for this crime. No international community reaction will be displayed on all TV stations, no Hillary Clinton “the war criminal” declaration. No one will talk about it at the UN, no one will blame this assassination. Once again, you will witness international silence.

Don’t expect your usual PRESSTITUTES to talk about this great man, a man that knew the meaning of journalism, during the daily news.

That is the reason why we post about his assassination. We want the world to know. So please spread the word. The world needs to know!

Don’t make Maya Nasser lifetime work end up in the trash of history and useless. This man gave his life for truth. A hero. A real hero.

His death is such a terrible news.
I can’t belive he got killed. Such a courageous and honest man! May peace be upon him.

We will always remember him and will always be grateful for all he did to bring truth to light.