Algeria shows NATO the door

Algeria is at risk of seriously damaging the relations with the countries of NATO. It would seem that in the past 20 years, this country has become a leading partner of the West in the fight against terrorism in North Africa. The events of the last year in Libya, in which Algeria nearly openly supported al-Gaddafi, have clearly shown that serious complications have emerged in the relations between the partners.

The Algerian leadership was repeatedly asked for an explanation with respect to the support of the Colonel. In November, after the death of Gaddafi the relations between the former partners in the fight against terrorism were marked with additional complications. Algeria banned the U.S. and France to carry out flights of unmanned aerial vehicles over its territory. This affected nearly all countries of the Sahel and infringed upon their sovereignty.

The Americans and the French tried to reason with the Algerian side that it was necessary in the fight against terrorism and the spread of weapons from Libya. However, the Algerian President Bouteflika has remained adamant, pointing out that Algeria was coping well with the terrorist threat. Continue reading