And the economy of death flies on! | “The Art of War”

Nearly 17 million Americans, or 5.5 percent of the population, suffer from hunger and
have gone at least one full day without eating during the last three months because of a lack of money. Another 33 million can only afford to buy low-quality food and suffer from nutritional imbalances. Indifferent to their needs, Washington has completely geared its economy towards arms manufacturing.
This trend towards a war-driven economy, which began in 1995 under the Clinton administration, suddenly picked up speed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks with the Bush Jr. Administration, and has maintained the same pace under Obama’s watch.

By Manlio Dinucci,

More than 50 million people, including 17 million children, are “food insecure”, that is to say, without adequate food “for a lack of money or other resources.” The data does not refer to a poor sub-Saharan African country, but to the country with the largest economy in the world: the United States of America, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (September 2012).

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