Aleppo city ‘hot zones’ look normal

We are in Aleppo city, the city known to be the financial capital of Syria, on contrary of all media propaganda, the city looks normal, traffic is usual as described by our driver, and the resident of Aleppo can’t be more warm and generous, Press TV crew had been stopped repeatedly by people in the streets who expressed their thanks and appreciation for our coverage.

Early in the next morning, we set our cameras, heading to Al Hamadaniyeh area; it’s in area bordering the famous Salah ElDien neighborhood or as the foreign backed militia calling themselves Free Syrian Army wishes to call it “Baba Amr of Aleppo”.
It took us 15 minutes of driving through the streets of Aleppo to get to our destination. Our way was smooth, no gunshots heard, and no militia existence all the way. The smell of death is everywhere in Al Hamadaniyeh; abandoned houses are the first thing you notice upon your arrival, burned buildings and Fasting Syrian commander is studying his maps of the area, telling his solders to prepare their weapons.

Syrian soldiers were highly motivated and doing their duties with enthusiasm, Press TV crew wanted to stay longer with them but our schedule was tight so we had to move on.
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