Syrian official delegation visits Iran, discusses bilateral relations and means to develop them in all fields

TEHRAN– Iranian Vice President Ali Saeedlou and Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs and Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji affirmed the importance of Syrian-Iranian relations and the need to develop them in all fields.

During the first official meeting with members of the Syrian governmental delegation headed by Ghalawanji which is currently visiting Iran, the two sides called for uniting efforts to improve cooperation, denouncing the campaign of misdirection and the terrorism targeting the Syrian people and the country’s public and private establishments.

They also affirmed that Syria will emerge victorious thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, the steadfastness of its people, and the help of its loyal friends across the world.

VP Saeedlou affirmed that Iran supports the Syrian leadership, government and people in their confrontation with the global war waged against them because of their firm stances, support for resistance and refusal to be subjugated by foreign dictates, stressing that Iran is ready to support Syria on all levels.

In turn, Ghalawanji pointed out to the vicious war targeting Syria and its regional role, affirming that Syria’s people and leadership are determined to move forward with reform and combating terrorism.

On a relevant note, Ghalawanji and Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi discussed bilateral relations and issues of mutual interest, affirming the need to work together to deal with the challenges facing the two countries due to the policies of hegemony adopted by western countries towards the region in general and Syria in particular. Continue reading