Syrian minister accuses Mossad of assassinating Syrians

[Editor’s Note: we are not endorsing this article, though we think it’s worth sharing some informations it contains.]


Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi accused Israel’s Mossad on Monday of carrying out targeted assassinations in Syria, as well as aiding the rebellion which has brought Syria to civil war.

“We found arms caches with the weapons used by the terrorists, and their source was Israel,” al-Zoebi said. He also claimed some of the attacks against individuals and institutions in Syria “had the fingerprints of intelligence services, including Israel’s Mossad.” He did not elaborate or say which attacks Israel was allegedly behind.

Al-Zoebi also leveled criticism at Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who during the Non-Aligned Movement conference last week conveyed his sympathy to the Syrian rebels, likening their struggle to the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

“There is no difference between [ousted President Hosni] Mubarak and Morsi, who has done nothing for the Palestinians and continues to sell gas to Israel,” al-Zoebi said.

The Syrian regime said Monday there would be no dialogue with the opposition before the army crushed the rebels, the latest sign that President Bashar al-Assad is determined to solve the crisis on the battlefield even if many more of his people have to pay with their lives.

The statement comes a day after activists reported that August had been the bloodiest month since the uprising began in March 2011.

“There will be no dialogue with the opposition prior to the Syrian army’s imposition of security and stability in all parts of the country,” al-Zoebi said.

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