Brian Sayers lobbyist for International Law Violator – Syrian Support Group – speaks on BBC


In total Violation of International law & UN Charter, the SSG keeps asking for funds to finance terrorists fighting in Syria


As previously reported, the so called “Syrian Support Group” is in total violation of the UN Charter and International law. Still, it sends its lobbyists on TV to distort the truth, and convince people that Bashar Al Assad must be brought down. Though, as usual, they fail to mention that the vast majority of the Syrian people want Bashar Al Assad to remain in power. They also fails to explain who are the men fighting against the legitimate Syrian government. They also fail in explaining the chaos they’re bringing about, the suffering, the destruction, the psychological consequences, and more…

This video is another blatant proof of western double standard and absolute disregard for international law.

It seems incredible to me that Brian Sayers explains quietly, all dressed up, how the group he is representing is fomenting an illegal coup d’etat in Syria. And once he’s done, leaves the studio and goes back to raising funds to implement an international plot against a sovereign nation. He won’t get arrested. He will not be convicted of any crime. The International Criminal Court will never try to get him arrested (USA not being a member of the ICC, but still…). UN won’t blame him. Nato will applaud him.

In a very strict and fair respect of International Law and the UN charter, if Brian Sayers was in court saying the very same things he says in the above video, he would get sentenced to life !

But this is the WESTERN WORLD, LAND OF FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY… He is and will remain free while our Syrian brothers keep dying under foreign (GCC / USA / israHell / EU / Turkey / Western puppets) backed terrorists.






What’s behind the U.S. based “Syrian Support Group” ?

Logo of the US Department funded “Syrian Support Group”

By MKERone (Co-Founder of CounterPsyOps)

In a recent Russia Today video, we learn that the “Syrian Support Group” received a waiver from the US treasury department authorizing it to provide financial and logistical help to the so called Free Syrian Army.

Let’s have a closer look at this mysterious group…

1. The SSG has “received a license from the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (“OFAC”) that permits the organization to raise funds and provide certain services to the Free Syrian Army (the “FSA”)“.

That basically means that this Group has the right to take its own decisions and doesn’t need to go through Congress nor any official institution prior taking action. A very important question arises: what does “Certain services” mean? The general public is clearly not being told to what extent & how its tax money is being used for. Is the SSG talking about communication equipment? Heavy Artillery? Targeted assassinations? No one knows. Not even those paying for it: the US tax payers through the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control.

2. In the FAQ section, we can also read “SGG is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization formed to support the establishment of a free, independent and democratic Syria. Towards that end, it seeks to facilitate, through all legal means, the protection of Syrian civilians during their historic struggle for freedom against the Assad regime”

“Legal means” ? The SSG is blatantly admitting that it funds and provides “certain services” to the so called Free Syrian Army. Which is a clear violation of the UN Charter and UN resolution A/RES/56/154 which states: “6. Calls upon all States to refrain from financing political parties or other organizations in any other State in a way that is contrary to the principles of the Charter and that undermines the legitimacy of its electoral processes”

I strongly recommend you to go to the SSG website and look through it by yourself. Though, the previous examples should be enough for the people to understand what the SSG is. It is a so called “Nonprofit organization” totally and hiddenly controlled by the government enabling it to do whatever it wants with no risk of being held accountable. On top of that, the SSG enables people to make donations. Hence, if anything leaks, who would be to blame? Not the government. Because the SSG actions are based on people and corporations donations.

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