Nilesat, Arabsat stop broadcasting Syria state TV channels


Satellite companies Nilesat and Arabsat have stopped broadcasting Syrian television stations.

Satellite companies Nilesat and Arabsat have stopped broadcasting Syrian television stations in a clear act of hostility against the Damascus government.

The operators took Syria’s state television channel as well as pro-government channels al-Ekhbaryah and al-Dunya off air on Wednesday shortly after a meeting of Arab League ministers in Cairo.

In June, the Arab League asked satellite operators Nilesat and Arabsat to shut down Syrian TV signals.

The operators, however, continue broadcasting Syria’s anti-Damascus television channels.

The Syrian government has slammed the move as an attempt to silence the Syrians, stressing that it is in violation of media ethics. Continue reading

Blast in Syrian national TV building injures several

Syrian troops walk in a neighborhood of Damascus. (File photo)

Several people have been injured in an explosion at the headquarters of the Syrian national television in the capital, Damascus.

The Syrian media said that an explosion rocked the third floor of the Syrian television headquarters on Monday.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi said the blast was caused by an explosive device, adding, “Several of our colleagues were injured, but there were no serious injuries, and no dead.”

The development comes as fighting continues between Syrian security forces and foreign-sponsored insurgents in the northwestern city of Aleppo.

Meanwhile, the Syrian state TV said the army has arrested a group of Turkish and Saudi officers in Aleppo.

On Sunday, the Syrian army began a major operation to clear the southwestern neighborhood of Salahuddin in Aleppo of the insurgents.  Continue reading