The Four Horseman of the Gulf: Transocean’s Role

By David Hodges, thecommonsenseshow

Louisiana has crept back into the news again, and again, this news is not good. It is long overdue that credit be given where credit is due with regard to the underlying conspiracy in relation to the Great Gulf Coast Holocaust. As the Gulf, once again, stands upon the precipice of disaster, it is time to begin naming names. After reading the next two articles, I believe that most readers will join me in calling for indictments and long prison sentences for the complicit officials of BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and Transocean.

As I pointed out in a previous article, we now conclusively know that Methane laden oil and Corexit, resulting from the BP oil spill, permeates the entire geological structure and threatens to reap widespread devastation upon the beleaguered State and perhaps even the entire region. The methane and Corexit has even made its way into the New Madrid Fault prompting FEMA earthquake drills and the need to ship thousands of generators to Louisiana. Additionally, the ongoing health, safety of the food and the quality of the air are still seriously jeopardizing the health of Gulf Coast residents and I call for justice for this catastrophe which knows no bounds.

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