Sufi Muslim shrine bulldozed in Libya

Attackers bulldozed a Sufi Muslim shrine and mosque in the Libyan capital on Saturday, one day after hardliners razed a similar shrine and library elsewhere in the country.

It was not immediately clear who was behind Saturday’s attack, the third on a Sufi shrine in Tripoli in recent months, although officials have blamed past vandalism on Islamic hardliners, some of whom are followers of the ultraconservative Salafi doctrine.



Army deploys in north Lebanon after deadly clashes

The Lebanese army finally began its deployment after yet another round of deadly clashes between rival neighborhoods in the Northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. At least ten people were killed and tens wounded including army soldiers as pro and anti Syrian groups battled it out.

The rivalry between the pre-dominantly allawite pro Syrian neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen and the pre-dominantly Sunni anti-Syrian neighborhood of Bab-Al-Tabaneh goes back a long time. But with the eruption of the unrest in Syria never have tensions been this high. Anti Syrian Salafist groups now have a noticeable increased presence in Tripoli, which is also home to supporters of the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance. Both the Salafists and March 14 enjoy strong ties with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, arguably the strongest proponents of Bashar Al-Assad’s downfall.

These developments have been accompanied by other dangerous sectarian signs. Religious figures in Tripoli have called for the establishment of a Sunni military council in the city. These same religious figures have resorted to sectarian slogans. “Coming to the aid of the Sunni’s brothers in Syria” in reference to the Syrian opposition is a common term.

Lebanon is a country extremely prone to sectarianism having witnessed bloody conflicts in the past between Muslims and Christians. This vulnerability further increases the danger on Lebanon as some regional countries continue to give the situation in Syria a somewhat sectarian flavor.

Source: PressTV




Tripoli Clashes Renew, Many Killed, Injured including Soldiers

Two people were killed and more than 30 others were injured, including Lebanese army troops, as clashes renewed on Tuesday between the neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh in north Lebanon.

Media reports said that several people were injured in clashes that took place after cautious calm prevailed at dawn Tuesday.

Al-Manar correspondent reported  that at least five soldiers were injured during the fight on Tuesday, as unknown militants hit their patrol with a bomb.
He added that there was a high-ranking officer among the soldiers wounded on Tuesday. Continue reading

Syria: The weapons’ ship. Who funded it… How it passed through Turkey.. and how it was seized

Dawood Rammal for Assafir Newspaper

The Lebanese army navy seizure of the smuggled weapons’ ship which was on its way to Tripoli (Lebanese one) port, remained the subject of active follow up on the internal level, first, because of the huge volume of the shipment of weapons, second, because of what it implies as an indicator that SOME are working on indulging Lebanon in the Syrian crisis, and adopt it as a corridor to support the opposition and arming it.

While the ship “Lutfalla – 2” was caught red-handed, but what happened makes us wonder if any other ships managed in the past to “sneak” through the Lebanese waters, and breach the policy of self-distance, therefore reaching the place of discharge.

While the investigation continues with the ship’s crew to know the backgrounds of the arms shipments and the destination party, a judicial source revealed to “Assafir” newspaper the data available so far, which are allowed to be said to the public, saying: “The ship and the weapons shipments funders are two Syrian business men living in Saudi Arabia, and the ship’s owner is of Syrian nationality, and the Captain is Syrian as well, and all of them are from the Syrian opposition”.. Continue reading

Massacre currently happening in south eastern Libya

The Dark Skinned Toubu tribe of Kufra has been surrounded by NATO Mercenaries and they are being bombarded with heavy weapons as we speak. At least 20 people have been massacred in 2 days of fighting, NATO regime has sent more weapons and Mercenaries in an attempt to wipe out the Tribe.

A witness named Turki Tobawi spoke to reporters saying “the government sent reinforcements to Zwai. Its plan is to exterminate the Toubu tribe”.

Fighting has also been reported in different districts of Tripoli, including the surrounding areas of the Airport. Witnesses report hearing a loud explosion near NATO Mercenary headquarters in Misrata, some claim that the headquarters have been blown up, others are not sure.

Source: Ozyism

Armed JAMAHIRIYA supporters and civilians strike back in Benghazi

After the liberation of Bani Walid intense clashes have been taking place in Benghazi and Tripoli. In the above video you can see the Green flag being carried by the crowd, it isn’t clear how NATO Mercenaries would respond to Libyan awakening. Mercenaries earlier stated that they would bomb Bani Walid using the few surviving fighter Jets of Libya.

Source: Ozyism

Assassination attempt on Libyan P.M.

Illegitimate Libya PM


In the Libyan capital Tripoli on Saturday an assassination attempt was made on the Prime Minister of Libya Abdel Rahim al-Kib. However information about the incident did not appear until Sunday.

Al-Kib and a group of his party were attacked on the outskirts of Tripoli in a building belonging to the state radio station.

The Prime Minister was not injured, but two members of his delegation were killed and five were wounded.

It is reported that security forces apprehended two of those involved in the assassination attempt.

Source: The Voice Of Russia

Tripoli: Images and Comments from Anissa Naouai (Russia Today)

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[Editor’s comment : A selction of commented images taken and tweeted by a journalist from Russia Today, who is currently in Tripoli, Libya. We inted to show you the reality there, what this NFZ brought about. We intend to show you that in no case the Nato intervention’s aim was to protect civilians! Bookmark this page since we’ll be updating it.]

October 23rd she tweeted “Mmmm….anyone think this flag is out of place on Green Square???” 

October 23rd she tweeted “This girls name is Amel…wonder if she really understands Continue reading