Fighting continued in Tripoli. A very unwelcome message to Hillary Clinton







18/10/2011 – Hilary Clinton’s visit to Tripoli was met with more intense clashes in the capital, giving her a bold unwelcome message from Libya. Explosions and gunfire was heard around the capital and according to reports, Hillary Clinton had an emergency chopper ready to evacuate her as soon as her speech ended.

US has been the main contributor to the terrorist NATO alliance and its war against Libya, this is the first time any official has visited Libya since the war of aggression began. Observers see her speech as incredibly disrespectful to Libyans who are suffering under NATO bombs or victimized by Mercenaries, meanwhile Hillary talks about freedom as if the crimes against humanity are not taking place.

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The News Of Libya (October 17th 22h30)

Tripoli: Heavy fighting took place around the Tripoli International Airport. NATO aircraft flew over the place, but we do not know “who” bombed. Resistance seems to dominate the situation, so that the majority of the rebels returned to find refuge inside the airport building. Among them, many foreign “instructors”. In the district of Abu Salim, five families in whom the renegades have found weapons were murdered, 15 members belonging to these five families were all killed by armed rebels.

Zliten : The people who fiercely defends the city again asked the renegades to disappear. Thus, a small minority of recalcitrant were attacked and forced to flee.

Beni Walid : Another failure for the renegades. Yesterday, the city was quiet, but now the rats have attempted penetration by the West, but this attempt ended in a failure. 10 killed and others fled. Heavy equipments were recovered by the resistance.

Ghadames : The Renegades tried to bribe the Tuareg tribes with millions of dollars to ask them to deliver Gaddafi suspected of being under their protection. Refusal with the added bonus of a warning no one thinks to bomb their homes.

Sirte : This city is waiting to be completely destroyed and wiped out of the map and its population is waiting for a complete extermination, the city continues its heroic resistance. This is truly the pride of all Libya and all decent people around the world.

BY THE Wadiya HADAD Monday, October 17, 2011 22:30

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Lies, Damn Lies And NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

By Stephen Lendman


At an October 11 press briefing, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu claimed Operation Unified Protector (NATO’s aggression on Libya) “has been a great success. We’re pretty close to the end, but we’re not there yet.”

“We did the right thing. We saved countless lives. We did it the right way, fast, with flexibility, involving Partners from the start, and we did it for the right reasons; to fully implement the mandate of the United Nations Security Council.”

“Now we will make sure the end of the operation will come when the time is right. We will not leave the job half done.”

“Our mission, as you know, is to prevent attacks and threats against civilians, so we will terminate the mission once we assess that there is no longer a systematic and significant threat….”

NATO military spokesperson Col. Roland Lavoie followed Lungescu with similar comments, claiming “we have witnessed a significant evolution of the situation in Libya.”

He added that “NATO is exercising air power only when necessary and always with caution, discernment and precision.”

Fact check

On October 13, UN Support Mission to Libya head Ian Martin briefed Security Council members by video-link. His assessment differed greatly from NATO, saying:

“The situation (in Libya) is far from stable. There are many security concerns. The fighting is still on. Violations of human rights and international humanitarian law have been registered.”

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by Allain Julles

Avec la même cadence, l’organisation terroriste du nom d’OTAN poursuit ses bombardements à Syrte. La défaite leur est insupportable, d’autant plus que la résistance est féroce. Alors que Syrte ressemble de plus en plus à Dresde voire Hiroshima, les soldats de l’apocalypse trouve que les patriotes doivent se rendre alors que sur le terrain, ne possédant pas de l’armement d’en face, ils sont meilleurs. La disproportion des forces ne leur fait pas peur.

Les pseudo défenseurs des droits de l’homme sont aux abonnés absents. Ils ne s’expriment plus, comme tétanisés face à la barbarie qui se joue en Libye. Ceux qui légitiment cette guerre injuste, même s’ils ne passeront jamais devant un tribunal pour payer leurs crimes, seront jugés d’une façon ou d’une autre.

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l’HEURE ZERO de la Libération nationale est arrivée en Libye. La Bataille pour la libération de Tripoli commence ! Les vidéos censurées par les Médias



14 Octobre 2011 : l’ HEURE ZERO de la Libération nationale est arrivée en Libye. La Bataille pour la libération de Tripoli commence !
Kadhafi c’est toujours et encore la REVOLUTION VERTE …

A l’appel de Moammar Kadhafi, appelant à l’insurrection libératrice ce 14 octobre, qui démontre qu’il est toujours le guide de la Libye, la RESISTANCE JAMAHIRIYENNE et les commandos de l’ARMEE VERTE à l’assaut des forces d’occupation de l’OTAN et des COLLABOS du CNT.

La CENSURE MILITAIRE TOTALE est ordonnée aux medias occidentaux par la PROPAGANSTAFFEL de l’OTAN à Bruxelles depuis ce 14 octobre …
En vain : Voici les images que le Système made in USA ne veut pas que vous voyez !

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By Dr. Christof LEHMANN at nsnbc


Most of Tripoli is Liberated, Sirte is holding on, Bani Walid, Sabah, Zliten, and countless other cities are free. As morning came to Libya the results of the onset of a new stage of the Libyan Liberation become undeniable. While Libyans mourn the death of those fallen in the fight for liberation, the TNC and NATO mourn massive losses of territory, troops, and trust. NATO and the TNC lost over 1.000 fighters, and over 1.500 are wounded. Their greatest casualty how ever, are the Lies about Libya, which were put to rest by the new phase of Libya´s Liberation

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

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Libyan News Update Oct 15 – Very Early Morning – 2 NATO COPTERS DOWN

Big successes for the Green resistance. Even the Rixos hotel has been taken by the Green Resistance. 2 NATO helicopters shot down during Massive Protests in Tripoli.

The rebels seemed to have never gained any support from the residents.

(source: YT108Morris108)

The News of Libya October the 13th / Message from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim


International (LVO):  On October 14 in Libya is expected at the national level, a walk under the green banner across the country. The country does not want “democracy” as seen by Westerners. In this regard, the Spokesman, Special Representative of the Libyan government official, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, said Oct. 12 that

“The Libyan people bearer of liberty has nerves of steel, high morale, because the wind blows is hope, however, people have already experienced the first shock and return.”

Moussa said:

“We want our young people are studying the experience of the Vietnamese revolution, resistance to the Americans, and how they have won …. We ask our young to know the character of  General Nguyen Giap  and failures as well as against the defense of Sirte. We believe that many names will be glorified in the resistance and the personalities of the people recognized.

We promised change during the week and now the rise of preparations for October 14 provided for the whole of Libya from north to south and from east to west, confirms that the time of release is near and that the Libyan people and the world will know two things Friday: 

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2 ‘Al-CIAda’ Rebels killed in Green Square Tripoli by Libyan Defence Forces October 7th


According to new reports, at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been killed in Green Square by Libyan Snipers. This comes as intense clashes take place in Tripoli between different NATO Mercenary factions, and unconfirmed reports that the Mercenary Commander in Tripoli has been shot by opposing factions.

Qaddafi mentioned in his speech that NATO Mercenaries are vulnerable, the vulnerability is evident through the division between NATO factions, which makes the job of liberation easy once NATO leaves Libya.

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BREAKING NEWS: Abdelhakim Belhadj shot in Tripoli

According to Zengtena website Abdelhakim Belhadj (military commander of Tripoli) was shot today during a clash with… according to the website he was shot during a clash with the Al Zintan tribe.  We earlier had the information that the Belhadj led brigade was in heavy fighting against the Zintan and  the Misurate Brigades (see here) in the Hadba airport. We’ll wait for further confirmation on this matter.

Zengtena website goes on saying that Belhadj was transported to the Meïtka hospital and that he might be taken to hospital in Italy.