Wall Street adviser: Actual Unemployment is 37.2%, ‘Misery Index’ Worst in 40 Years



( Paul Bedard ) Don’t believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the real unemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud.

In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed, and the Misery Index at over 14, not the 8 claimed by the government.

Marotta, who recently advised those worried about an imploding economy to get a gun, said that the government isn’t being honest in how it calculates those out of the workforce or inflation, the two numbers used to get the Misery Index figure.

“The unemployment rate only describes people who are currently working or looking for work,” he said. That leaves out a ton more.

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Kidnapped Teacher: Rebels Said Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

“It is a moral duty to say this”

By Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

A Belgian teacher who was kidnapped by rebels in Syria said he overheard the militants acknowledging that President Bashar Al-Assad was not responsible for last month’s chemical weapons attack.

Speaking French, Piccinin tells RTL that he overheard rebels acknowledging that Assad was not behind the chemical weapons attack.

Pierre Piccinin da Prata was kidnapped along with Italian war journalist Domenico Quirico back in April near Damascus. According to Quirico, the two were subjected to torture, humiliation and mock executions by the western-backed rebels. They were freed yesterday and flown to Rome after the Italian Foreign Ministry managed to secure their release.

According to Quirico, the rebels who held him and Piccinin as prisoners set about on a “terrifying odyssey across Syria.”

“We were moved around a lot…it was not always the same group that held us, there were very violent groups, very anti-West and some anti-Christian,” he told AFP, adding that when the two escaped they were tracked down by rebels within 48 hours and “seriously punished.”

Piccinin told Italy’s RTL radio that he heard a conversation during which members of the Abu Ammar rebel brigade admitted that Assad was not behind the attack in Ghouta that the Obama administration has cited in building a case for military intervention.

“It is a moral duty to say this. The government of Bashar al-Assad did not use Sarin gas or other types of gas in the outskirts of Damascus,” said Piccinin.

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Locals say al-Qaeda used chemicals in Syria :official


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad political and media adviser Bouthaina Shaaban

A senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says locals have witnessed al-Qaeda-linked terrorists used chemical materials on people in Latakia and called on the West to wait for investigation results on recent alleged chemical attack in the country.

Assad’s political and media adviser Bouthaina Shaaban rejected the Western allegations accusing the Syrian government forces of being responsible for the August 21 attack on the outskirts of Damascus.

The Syrian official said al-Qaeda was behind the attack just as it was responsible for “killing Syrian people, raping women, [and] kidnapping Christian clerics.”

“On 21st of August, I tell you what the Syrian people say, they (al-Qaeda-linked terrorists) kidnap children and men from the villages of Latakia and they brought them here (in Damascus), put them in one place and used chemical weapons against them… that’s the story that the villagers in these villages know, but why don’t you leave it to the UN commission?” she said.

“The same people who were on the London Tube and who killed British people, the same people who on 9/11 in New York killed American people, they are the same people in Mali, the same people in Libya, the same people in Iraq, the same people in Syria,” Shaaban stated.

She called on the United States and its allies, who have been blatantly issuing threats of war against Syria, to wait for the results of a report by the team of United Nations chemical weapons experts, expected to be completed later this month.

“They are using the same lies, the same fabrications, the same claims, in order to target our country and our people,” Shaaban said, comparing the chemical weapons accusations against Syria to those used to justify the Iraq war, which ultimately proved false.

She further demanded that Washington provide the world with evidence backing its accusation against the Syrian government.

The rhetoric of war against Syria first gained momentum on August 21, when the militants operating inside the country and the foreign-backed Syrian opposition claimed that over a thousand people had been killed in a government chemical attack on militant strongholds in the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar.

The Syrian government categorically rejected the accusation.

Nevertheless, a number of Western countries, including the United States, France, and Britain, quickly started campaigning for war.

On Wednesday, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved a draft resolution backing the use of force against Syria. The draft resolution requires the approval of both chambers of Congress before it can be interpreted as any form of congressional authorization for the US administration to launch an attack on Syria.

Source: Alalam

Carnets de Syrie : Out Of Syria : Russian Documentary War in Syria

Documentaire diffusé sur Russia 24 sur la guerre en Syrie.

Pour activer le sous-titrage en français, cliquez sur l’icône “sous-titres” en bas à droite de l’écran.


Documentary broadcasted on Russia 24 channel about the war in Syria.

To activate the subtitles in English, click on the icon CC: subtitles at the bottom right of the screen.


ATTENTION : actes de grande cruauté (plus de 16 ans). Un impressionnant documentaire diffusé sur Russia 24 sur le coût humain du conflit syrien et l’échelle de dévastation atteinte. Pas de politiques, juste le regard de syriens ordinaires. La journaliste syrienne Yara Saleh témoigne sur son enlèvement. Réalisé par Anastasia Popova, reporter spécial russe en Syrie. Commentaire de la réalisatrice : Mon équipe a réalisé des centaines de bulletins de nouvelles de Syrie. Ce film est une sorte de digression à partir des bulletins d’informations. Nous voulions exprimer nos émotions et nos sentiments envers les personnes que nous avons rencontrées, des choses que vous n’avez pas l’habitude de montrer dans les nouvelles. Interview de la réalisatrice à propos de ce documentaire : www.pressenza.com

Bataille pour la Syrie

Reportage de la télévision russe Russia 24 qui a passé 2 mois en compagnie de l’armée syrienne.

La guerre fait rage en Syrie depuis un an et demi. Une interminable série d’opérations spéciales, de victoires et de replis, une lutte entre les forces gouvernementales et l’opposition armée qui se déroule à la fois sur le terrain et sur les écrans.
L’équipe russe du film a passé 2 mois sur la ligne de front avec les soldats de l’armée syrienne et des civils.
Ce film a été réalisé dans des conditions de terrain afin de mieux raconter l’histoire qui s’y déroule.

Source: Égalité Et Réconciliation