Former CIA Philip Giraldi: 50 CIA agents on Syrian-Turkish borders

CIA special forces agent – file photo

Philip Giraldi, former intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, said that about 50 high-ranking intelligence agents among them Americans, French, German and British officers are on the Syrian-Turkish borders.

The Turkish Newspaper of Hurriyet quoted Giraldi as saying that there are about 15 to 20 US agents at the Turkish borders.

“There would be paramilitary agents, they would be based at the Consulate in Adana or the Incirlik Air Base,” Giraldi said.

The former CIA Agent said that the agents would not cross into Syria but would direct intelligence operations from within Turkey in collaboration with Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency.

He added that there would be numerous spies working under the high-ranking spies and ‘many’ informants working under them.

Giraldi stressed that the Turkish and US intelligence agencies have been working so closely on the Syrian issue.

He added that the U.S. provided Turkey with photos including satellite pictures and sensitive technical information it normally would not share with anyone.

Giraldi was the head of the CIA team in Istanbul between 1986 and 1989 during his intelligence career of 18 years. Continue reading

Syrian Army on Highest State of Alert After Reports of American Troops Joining Turkey Near the Border

Hamsayeh.Net – The Syrian army has been put on highest state of alert after reports of a joint Turkish – American military drill taking place today (wednesday 1st of august) near the two countries’ borders

Unofficial reports point to a joint military drill by Turkey and US troops about two km from the Syrian border.

Recently, Ankara, has unnecessarily raised tensions with its southern neighbor after it said that Turkish army will retaliate against the PKK all the way inside the Syrian territory.

Syria is a strategic partner of both Iran and Russia and if reports of American involvement through Turkey is true it would seriously increase tension in that region.

Moscow and Tehran say they would allow a call for regime change in Syria based on what nonsense US and its allies claim to be the ground for President Basha Assad’s departure, who by the way happens to be extremely popular amongst Syrians.