Syrian troops discover cache of missiles near Aleppo

The Syrian army has discovered a cache of missiles in a warehouse near the northern city of Aleppo as Damascus launches a mop-up operation against insurgents in the flashpoint city.

Syrian sources had earlier said that the Turkish military has provided anti-government insurgents with surface-to-air Stinger missiles during a brief incursion into the Syrian soil on Tuesday.

Some reports also suggest that anti-government insurgents operating in Aleppo may have been provided with chemical weapons.

Source: Press TV

UPDATE: Convoy of Turkish military forces briefly enters Syrian town of Jarablos

A file photo shows Turkish Army forces being mobilized to the Syrian border.

Turkish military forces have briefly crossed the border with a Kurdish region in Syria with the backing of armored vehicles and helicopters.

More than 100 Turkish troops armed with thermal rockets and sophisticated weaponry on Tuesday entered the town of Cerablos in the Kurdish region of Kobani.

The contingent of Turkish soldiers reportedly left for their bases after an hour.

Meanwhile, Turkish media are reporting that about 40 Turkish troops have been detained inside Syria.

A spokesman for the Kurdish militias in the border towns of Kobani and Efrin accused the Turkish forces of supplying arms and ammunition to insurgents fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The Turkish foreign ministry has denied reports of cross-border incursion into Syria.  Continue reading