The Transpiring Truth About the Battle in Aleppo and NATO´s War on Syria

NATO´s Economical, Military and Moral Bankruptcy.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. – The so-called “Battle for Aleppo” is letting the truth about NATO´s war on Syria transpire with all possible clarity. Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov used the irony of understatement when he pointed out that “some media outlets are providing advance coverage of the events”. On his web-site, Gatilov stated that “tendentious media outlets are trying by all means to make up for what the opposition has failed to achieve”.

The so-called “Battle for Aleppo” is showing with all possible clarity that the NATO/GCC/Israeli Discount Army of Low Lives, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brothers, and hands for hire is no match for the Syrian Military and for the people of Syria. They can create terror, and they do. They can spread murder and may-ham, and they do. They can rob, plunder, rape and pillage, and they do. They can be supported by NATO/GCC Special Forces, and they are. Their unadulterated barbarism can create the most appalling outrages and the greatest grief and suffering and human tragedy, and it does. They can cause this suffering in the name of human rights, and they do so with the help of complicit media.

What they can not, is to defeat the Syrian Military and the people of Syria with a Financially and Morally Bankrupt Modo-Colonial Powers Discount Army of Robbers and Rapists. What they can not, is to destroy national unity along the lines of ethnicity and religion – but they try. Continue reading