Orwellian September 11 commemoration heralds new wars

The tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks has given rise to a profusion of articles, documentaries and television programs that certify the Bush administration’s version of the events, while world opinion has become largely skeptical. For Thierry Meyssan, who sparked the global debate on the interpretation of the attacks, the overwhelming media campaign is the imperial system’s last attempt to preserve its apparent legitimacy and justify its future wars.


Nicolas Sarkozy: “Ten years have passed but the memory of those shattered destinies is still intact and all the French people remember what they were doing on September 11, distraught as they were by what you had experienced. And on the evening of September 11, deep inside we felt more American than ever before. (…) The strongest response to those mass murders and to their perpetrators, is the liberation of the Arab peoples, around the values that ​​America and France have always embodied, democracy. “©Elysée Continue reading