FALSE FLAG ALERT: UK Ambulances driven by FSA terrorists spotted in occupied Iskandaron (Antakya, Hatay), Turkey..

UK Ambulances driven by FSA terrorists in occupied Iskandaron (Antakya, Hatay), Turkey..
The vehicles were not checked or registered by customs, what is the link between it and the previous report of Turkish intel smuggling weapons and fighters in ambulance cars I mentioned here on August 22, 2012 (https://www.facebook.com/Amazing.Syria/posts/197719413691776), or with the plot at the Jordanian borders with Syria bringing in 1,400 ambulance vans fitted with anti-chemical and anti-biological filters (https://www.facebook.com/Amazing.Syria/posts/411761908884746)? Or?Anyways and at all accounts, ambulance vehicles or tools used in not its designated purpose is a major breach of international law..

[Editor’s Note, we already mentioned earlier the possible use of ambulances to carry on Chemical False Flag attack in Syria and blame it on the Syrian Government: