British Troops Join US Forces on the Jordan-Syria Border


According to ANSA, the Italian News Agency, “several hundred British soldiers and military advisors are in Jordan to monitor the Syria situation, Western diplomatic sources said on Thursday.”

One hundred US troops are already stationed on the Syria-Jordan border. They were deployed on the orders of the US president and commander in chief without seeking the approval of the US Congress.

Sources do not indicate the composition of these US and British troops, as to whether they are regular troops or in large part special forces.

The New York Times confirms the presence of 150 British troops,: The Times of London reported “on an undisclosed number of British troops. The troops have been in Jordan since participating in joint military maneuvers in the past months. They remained on concerns over Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, Jordanian military sources said, adding that French troops might also be in place. ANSA, the Italian News Agency, October 11, 2012, emphasis added)