Have the UN observers supplied the insurgents with chemical weapons?

«It seems that a necessary amount of chemical weapons was transported by UN vehicles with other supplies for FSA militants. It was on July 29th near Aleppo. All transport vehicles were destroyed after unloading. UN convoys can’t be examined by Syrian army and observers are using it. Syria is forced to endure observer’s presence at it territory because it’s provided by Annan’s plan»

July 29th perhaps near Aleppo (maybe in the city) FSA militants have destroyed more than 10 UN armored vehicles. UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has said that at conference at July 30th.
More than 10 UN armored vehicles were destroyed but no one injured. Looks like UN motorcade was attacked by a Terminator from the 2nd film who vowed he would not kill people. Nevertheless, there are no such robots, and FSA militants, which are terrorizing Syria, killing people in spite of gender and age, are always trying to kill as lot as possible to boast themselves at their web-sited and web pages. Any armed attack on a convoy will be accompanied with casualties, especially when thugs have armor-piercing weapons. Continue reading