Syrian FM Al Muallem’s speech at the UNGA yesterday in NYC

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Monday delivered a speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

Following the full text of al-Moallem’s speech

Mr. Vuk Jeremic President of the 67th session of the General Assembly, Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate you and your friendly country, the Republic of Serbia, on your election as President of the General Assembly at its current session, and to wish you success in conducting our work in a way that brings back to the President of the General Assembly its important and neutral role in fulfilling his duties away from any political, national or international agendas that violate the rules of international law and contradict efforts to achieve security and stability in the world. We also wish success to the Secretary General of the United Nations in carrying out his duties in enhancing the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Our contemporary world faces many events that are affecting its states, and continue to cast their shadow on the international scene. Many countries are facing political, economic and financial crises which exceed the capacity of States to cope with their consequences individually. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia cannot replace Iran’s oil supply: Iran oil minister

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi speaks during an interview with Press TV on April 16, 2012.

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says Saudi Arabia cannot replace Iran’s oil supply to the global market in the long run, Press TV reports.

Qasemi made the remarks during an interview with Press TV’s News Analysis on Monday night.

He noted that although the Saudi side stated at the most recent OPEC meeting that Saudi Arabia was not seeking to take Iran’s share of the oil market, “the latest policy of Saudi Arabia turned out otherwise” as Riyadh announced that it was ready to compensate for a lack of Iranian oil in the market.

The Iranian oil minister said, “Saudi production may be temporary, and it definitely cannot continue.”

“It is not practical, and if it is practical, it is transient… and will have negative effects in the future,” he added.  Continue reading

Iran Threatens To Torpedo US Aircraft Carriers

Three US warships stationed in waters near Strait of Hormuz

Paul Joseph Watson
Source: Prison
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A senior Iranian military commander has warned that Iran has the capability to sink US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf using detection-evading submarines that can fire torpedoes.

Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army’s Self-Sufficiency Jihad Rear Admiral Farhad Amiri, “Stated that Iran’s submarines are able to ambush and hit enemy vessels specially US Aircraft carriers from the seabed throughout the Persian Gulf,” reports the Fars News Agency.

Amiri said that while the United States was focused on Iran’s surface capabilities, the greater threat was posed by its fleet of submarines which, “Are noiseless and can easily evade detection as they are equipped with the sonar-evading technology and can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously.”

Amiri added that the submarines could “easily target and hit an aircraft carrier traversing in the nearby regions.” Continue reading

‘US intervention in Iran will drag China & Russia into war’