The News Of Libya (October 17th 22h30)

Tripoli: Heavy fighting took place around the Tripoli International Airport. NATO aircraft flew over the place, but we do not know “who” bombed. Resistance seems to dominate the situation, so that the majority of the rebels returned to find refuge inside the airport building. Among them, many foreign “instructors”. In the district of Abu Salim, five families in whom the renegades have found weapons were murdered, 15 members belonging to these five families were all killed by armed rebels.

Zliten : The people who fiercely defends the city again asked the renegades to disappear. Thus, a small minority of recalcitrant were attacked and forced to flee.

Beni Walid : Another failure for the renegades. Yesterday, the city was quiet, but now the rats have attempted penetration by the West, but this attempt ended in a failure. 10 killed and others fled. Heavy equipments were recovered by the resistance.

Ghadames : The Renegades tried to bribe the Tuareg tribes with millions of dollars to ask them to deliver Gaddafi suspected of being under their protection. Refusal with the added bonus of a warning no one thinks to bomb their homes.

Sirte : This city is waiting to be completely destroyed and wiped out of the map and its population is waiting for a complete extermination, the city continues its heroic resistance. This is truly the pride of all Libya and all decent people around the world.

BY THE Wadiya HADAD Monday, October 17, 2011 22:30

Source: Angeeverse