US Syria policy insult to common sense


“Never send for who the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” …John Donne, in 1624


America’s incompetent foreign policy was cranked up a notch this week by the pitiful display of using a massacre of civilians, obviously killed by the FSA, in a last ditch attempt to trigger a US intervention.

Despite the disintegrating state of the FSA rebels the Obama administration seemed like it is doubling down on a bad bet. Why… only God could know. We at Veterans Today cannot find a soul in the military or civilian Intel community that we know who can even imagine what benefit the administration seeks by driving our Syria foreign policy over the cliff.

We are hearing a phrase never really used before when describing the current policy as one that is a “national security risk to the US in itself.” While there had been a breath of sanity when Obama held up on the transfer of heavy weapons to the rebels, after strong warnings from the military, the cheap manipulation of this gas attack is reminiscent of halfwit John McCain’s ‘Bomb, bomb Iran’ remark.

Where McCain was just an airhead, this current psyops is premeditated, as shown by the mixed signals. Obama says no attack without UN support, and absent that a ‘strong coalition’ would be problematic to put together.

I guess that would exclude Italy whose foreign minister urged those pushing for air strikes to “rethink their decision a 1000 times.” That is a nice way of saying ‘You people must be crazy!’

But maybe crazy like a fox a suspicious Jim Dean is beginning to wonder. Are they trying to torpedo the Geneva convention with a military intervention? Have they promised the FSA, who does not want to attend Geneva in a weak position, that the US will do a ‘little bombing’ to entice them?

Are the US and Israelis trying to bait the Iranians to come in so they can derail the very careful distance that the Iranians have maintained from the conflict? But that may be changing with today’s report of their framing a US attack on Syria as crossing ‘red line’ for them. What could that mean?

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Zionists Use al Qaeda to Attack Syria


By Dean Henderson, LEFT HOOK

It came as no surprise to students of Middle East history yesterday when al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri called for the ouster of Syria’s “pernicious, cancerous regime,”. Progressive Syria has been targeted by al Qaeda in the past, and is currently under attack by Islamists from the CIA/Mossad-trained Free Syrian Army.

When al-Zawahiri headed Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1984, Reagan’s CIA brought his mujahadeen buddy Ali Mohammed to the US where was put to work training Afghan terrorists in Brooklyn and Jersey City on weekends. During the week he instructed US Special Forces at Fort Bragg. In 1998 he helped bomb the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Blowback’s a bitch.

Later the CIA helped Islamic Jihad terrorists escape Egyptian justice by sending them to fight with Bosnian Muslims assigned to tear apart Yugoslavia, and with the heroin-infested Kosovo Liberation Army. Islamists were used to murder Gaddafi and privatize the Libyan central bank for the Rothschild Cartel.

Now these creations of Western intelligence – Israel, Turkey, the GCC and NATO – are being used to attack the Assad government in Syria and to capture Syria’s central bank for the Zionist Illuminati banking cartel.

And the road to attacking Iran runs straight through Damascus.

The following article by Dr. Boris Dolgov – senior research fellow of the Centre for Arabic Studies of the Russian Institute of Oriental Studies – is the best I’ve read on the situation. It appeared on the excellent Oriental Review website –

The current situation in Syria remains one of the most important components of the Middle Eastern and international policies. Using Syria’s domestic crisis and pursuing their own goals NATO, Israel, Turkey and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf are trying to undermine the Syrian regime.

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Western narrative on Syria is crumbling: U.S. journalist – Tehran Times


Tony Cartalucci interview by Kourosh Ziabaria, Tehran Times.

A U.S. journalist says the United States and its allies are taking serious steps to launch a military strike against Syria.

“We can expect to see the mechanisms at play in undermining, dividing, and destroying Syria next turned on Lebanon and Iran if and when critical mass can be reached to topple Syria’s government,” said Tony Cartalucci in a recent interview with the Tehran Times.

Q: You’ve written on unrest in Syria extensively. The opponents of the government of President Assad claim that his government has resorted to violence and killed many protesters and civilians, while the Damascus says that certain Western countries are providing the insurgents with weapons and money. Please comment over this.

A: The violence began from the very beginning of the so-called demonstrations. There were undoubtedly well-intentioned demonstrators in the streets. Unfortunately, many of the organizations that gathered them had very sinister intentions.

Acts of vandalism, arson, and assault were being reported by even Western news agencies by March of 2011. This, by necessity, would bring armed security forces onto the streets in any country — as was the case in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots. In LA, the protesters were more lightly armed, and the overwhelming presence of thousands of National Guard soldiers and Marines quelled the violence in days. Still government forces killed several people, and in total 53 would die in the violence.

The difference in Syria is that the unrest was designed to be sustained and increasingly violent. To introduce this increasing cycle of violence, third party groups began targeting unsuspecting protesters as well as security forces charged with minding the protesters. These “mystery gunmen,” usually firing from rooftops, were reported not only by official Syrian government reports, but also by protesters and bystanders. The goal was to radicalize protesters and justify increasing violence and its subsequent support by Western backers.

We saw the same thing happen in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010 where these “mystery gunmen” targeted both protesters and security forces from the rooftops in an attempt to spike the violence and increase the stakes. In Bangkok, as in Syria, deadly crossfire would ensue, giving opposition groups and their foreign sponsors the propaganda they needed to demonize the government, while attempting to justify an increasingly militant opposition.

Now, without a doubt, this violence has escalated to the point where combat operations are being carried out by organized foreign-backed militant groups. The U.S., Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have all made outright admissions of supporting the funding, logistics, and arming of these militants. What is evident is that the West and the Persian Gulf States have also illegally entered Syria with “journalists” serving as embedded propagandists. What is neither admitted, nor overtly evident, but most certain, is that special operations from NATO and the Persian Gulf are on the ground inside of Syria along with agents of their respective intelligence agencies.

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CIA Islamists Destroy Somalia


By Dean Henderson

The Sudan Tribune reported on Saturday that Ethiopian troops would hand over the recently captured Somalian towns of Beledweyne and Baidoa – which had been strongholds of al Qaeda-allied Al-Shabab Islamist militants – to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Ethiopian had sent hundreds of troops to Somalia in December to help Mogadishu fight Al-Shabab.

(Excerpted from Chapter 13: USS Persian Gulf: Big Oil & Their Bankers…) Western intelligence agencies used these Islamists to split Somalia into three different nations. On September 10, 1992 the US sent 2000 Marines and four warships led by the USS Tarawa to lurk off the Somali coast in the Gulf of Aden which separates Somalia from Saudi Arabia.

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French Surgeon in Aleppo: Many Syrian and Foreign Jihadists among Injured

War surgeon and co-founder of “Doctors without Borders”, Jacques Bérès, tells his experience treating injured Jihadists in Aleppo, Syria, among them French terrorists who want to “emulate Al Qaeda terrorist, Mohamed Merah.”




US to Delist & Arm American-Killing Terror Cult

Continuity of Agenda: Neo-Cons and Obama administration sponsor global terror against Iran.

By Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer

September 22, 2012 – As the US government confirms that terrorists involved in the Benghazi, Libya US consulate attack were indeed the very militants funded, armed, and provided air support in last year’s bid to overthrow the government of Libya, yet another disturbing announcement has been made. Terror organization Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) will be delisted by the US State Department in order to clear legal obstacles in the way of overtly arming and funding the terrorists in pursuit of a proxy war with Iran, the LA Times reported in their article, “U.S. to remove Iranian group Mujahedin Khalq from terrorist list.”

Image: MEK is just one of many terrorist organizations, that despite being listed by the US State Department as such, still receives weapons, training, cash, and political support from the US government. This is a pattern seen repeated in Libya and most recently in Syria – each case spun and excused with a myriad of lies wrapped in false, constantly shifting narratives.

The LA Times states specifically:

Some current and former U.S. officials have called for arming the MEK to conduct attacks against Iran, which experts say could tip the United States and Iran closer to war.

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Tarpley: NATO’s al-Qaeda wing clipped in Syria

NATO has failed in trying to topple the Syrian government despite going “to the bottom of the barrel” of the al-Qaeda militants at its disposal and exerting every effort it possibly could, says an analyst.

The comment comes as Syrian Security forces have foiled repeated attempts by armed groups to infiltrate into Syrian territory from neighboring countries.
The latest clashes between Syrian forces and armed groups come at a time when the anti-Syria Western regimes have been calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down.
On July 23, foreign ministers of the Arab League called on Assad to step down after an emergency meeting in Qatar.
Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi censured the Arab League stance in a press conference in Damascus on the same day.
“All who take up weapons in the face of the state will be responded [to] in the same way,” Makdissi told reporters.
Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

Press TV has interviewed prominent author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley from Washington to further discuss the issue.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: An Iraqi parliamentarian has linked the terror attacks in his country to the unrest in Syria. He says that al-Qaeda is responsible for both terror attacks both inside Iraq and Syria. So does this mean that the [Britain’s former Special Air Service] SAS, the CIA as was suggested in this report are now siding with al-Qaeda against Assad?

Tarpley: Yes, certainly and that has been the reality the entire time. We must always remember that al-Qaeda is nothing but the Arab legion of the CIA created in the early 1980s to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and if people didn’t know that they can pick up a copy of today’s Washington Post here in Washington and there is an article where the CIA is talking about their operations in Syria and it says you have to be careful because sometimes if you back a group it can turn into some kind of entity that might turn against you.

This is the way they tell the story and they cite the case of al-Qaeda, so that the US started al Qaeda, this is now in the Washington Post. I would in this case though certainly say that the Iraqi spokesman is correct.

The kinds of death squads that you see in Syria and now in Iraq today seems to me come from the same matrix they go back to the time when John Negroponte was the United States ambassador to Baghdad and you remember that Negroponte’s expertise is legendary.

Wherever he would go in Central America during the 1980s, death squads would magically spring up and when he went to Baghdad everybody expected that death squads would appear there and sure enough they did.

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EXPOSED: US Troops Guarded Terrorist Camp in Iraq

US State Department now races to find a new home for US State Department-listed terrorist organization.

By Tony Cartalucci at Land Destroyer

December 21, 2011 – In a move that almost defies belief, is so brazen and hypocritical many will not believe it no matter how many State Department officials confirm it, the US has been guarding a terrorist training camp inside Iraq with US troops and is planning to relocated them, possibly in a freshly abandoned US military base in Iraq while D.C. lobbyists work feverishly to have them de-listed, armed, and sent to conduct terrorist operations in Iran.

MEK. Admittedly a terrorist organization, listed by the US State Department as being such, it is fully funded, armed, and backed by the United States, based in France and US-occupied Iraq, and allowed to conduct terrorist operations against the Iranian people. The “War on Terror” is a fraud.

Foreign Policy Magazine has reported in their article, “State Department scrambling to move the MEK — to a former U.S. military base?” fully admits that Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) is a terrorist organization used by Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in the 80’s and was responsible for the death of US military personnel and civilians. Foreign Policy reports that efforts by the Iraqi Army to evict MEK has resulted in armed clashes.

Foreign Policy then reports the United Nations “Assistance Mission in Iraq” (UNAMI) is working with the US State Department to relocate the terrorists within Iraq and possibly at a US military base near Baghdad’s airport.

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Libya: 3 Medial science students kidnapped and raped by Nato mercenaries

UN Human Rights panel said in a statement that they are “pleased to receive assurances of the government’s continued commitment to human rights”, as they praised Mercenary rule in Libya, 3 innocent medical science students were kidnapped in Salahudine area of Tripoli and raped consecutively by NATO Mercenaries before dropped in Tripoli hospital at closing hours.

UN continually destroys its own credibility, no laughing matter when they praise terrorist Mercenaries who are not getting paid by NATO anymore therefore now looting and raping Libyans and Libyans homes.

Source: Ozyism