Putin on Kiev op: ‘Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they nuts?!’

Activists block a collumn of Ukrainian men riding on Armoured Personnel Carriers in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on April 16, 2014 (AFP Photo / Anatoly Stepanov)

Putin has criticized Ukraine’s coup-appointed government for using tanks and jets against its own people, during a live Q&A session. Branding Kiev’s approach as a “crime,” Putin said they must open dialogue with eastern Ukraine.

“Have they lost their minds!?” said Putin during his annual question and answer session. “They are deploying tanks, armored vehicles and weaponry! Against whom?! Are they nuts?!”

The Russian president said he thought that asking activists in the southeast of Ukraine to hand in their weapons was the right approach, but this measure should also be applied to armed Ukrainian nationalist groups.

Putin went on to say the crisis in Ukraine can only be solved through a compromise in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

“The coup-appointed government in Kiev needs to come to its senses before we can negotiate,” said Putin.

In spite of the fact the interim government is illegitimate, Russia is still prepared to open dialogue with them, said Putin. Ukraine’s interim government came to power on February 22 after weeks of violent protests on Kiev’s Independence Square. They ousted President Viktor Yanukovich and declared elections in May, something that violates the Ukrainian constitution.

NATO’s reinforcement of its presence in eastern Europe was also touched upon during Putin’s Q&A session. Head of Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya, Dmitry Kiselev, said that he felt like NATO was “suffocating him” and described the organization as “a cancerous tumor.”

Dmitry Kiselev was included in the list of Russian politicians who were hit by Western sanctions following the Crimean referendum that led to the region’s integration with Russia.

In a tongue-in-cheek response, Putin told Kiselev not to be afraid of NATO, assuring him that “Russia would suffocate everyone else.”

NATO has accused Russia of attempting to destabilize Ukraine, something that Russia categorically denied. Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov told the press on Monday that Russia had no interest in promoting crisis in Ukraine, and the West needs to produce evidence to support its accusations.

Source: Russia Today

La police aux ordres laisse la Ligue de Défense Juive (LDJ) agresser les manifestants Paris, place Bastille 16/01/14


Encadré par un imposant dispositif de police, le quartier de la Main d’Or (XIe arrondissement de Paris), où Dieudonné donne actuellement son nouveau spectacle “Asu Zoa”, est le théâtre ce jeudi 16 janvier au soir, d’une opposition entre soutiens et détracteurs de l’humoriste. Les échauffourées ont débuté sur la place de la Bastille, à quelques centaines de mètres du lieu de spectacle, où des associations juives avaient appelé à manifester. Les spectateurs munis de billets peuvent seuls accéder au théâtre de la Main d’Or, ceint par des forces de l’ordre.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: rappelons que la LDJ: Ligue de Défense Juive est une milice sioniste financée sur fonds privée interdite en Israël et aux USA par le FBI car responsable de plusieurs assassinats. Cette organisation, alors que plusieurs de ces membres ont été condamnés pour des agressions racistes et violentes sur le territoire français est curieusement tolérée en France. Mais que fait Mr Valls ? ]
Search Google: LDJ interdite aux USA et en Israel

Israel may strike at ship allegedly carrying Iranian rockets to Gaza – report

Israel has reportedly vowed to destroy rockets and other weapons being sent to Gaza by Iran. Tel Aviv issued this threat despite a recent ceasefire following eight days of bitter conflict between Gaza and Israel.

Israeli spy satellites spotted a cargo vessel in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas that was allegedly Gaza-bound and carrying arms, the Sunday Times reported.

“Regardless of the ceasefire agreement, we will attack and destroy any shipment of arms to Gaza once we have spotted it,” an Israeli defense official told the newspaper.

The vessel reportedly began its voyage last week just as Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire ending eight days of violence in Gaza, in which over 150 Palestinians died. The cargo is believed to include Fajr-5 rockets, similar to those used by Hamas in the conflict, and Shahab-3 ballistic missiles.

The ship is set to travel through the Red Sea, Sudan and Egypt, according to the Sunday Times report. Later, the weapons will be transported across the desert, disassembled and then smuggled through Sinai tunnels into Gaza. There, the arms will be reassembled by Hamas forces.

The Sunday Times’ report comes a day after the Hamas leadership announced they aren’t ready to stop arming themselves, despite the recently-agreed truce and ceasefire.

“We have no choice but to continue to bring in weapons by all possible means,” senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar told reporters, adding that he expected Tehran would “increase its military and financial support to Hamas.”

Earlier on Wednesday, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal thanked Shia-majority Iran for what he described as arms and funding. Continue reading

Syria presents foreign fighter list in bid for UN to acknowledge terror acts

Syria has presented the UN Security Council a list of 143 foreign citizens killed in Syria fighting government troops. Damascus hopes the move will force the UN to declare the presence of foreign nationals in Syria to be international terrorism.

The Syrian government reportedly presented proof that citizens of 19 different nations had fought in the country alongside rebel forces.

Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, wrote a letter the Security Council requesting they register the list of mercenaries as an official document on the UN’s agenda of “measures to combat international terrorism.”

The UN Security Council has not yet officially recognized Syria as a country confronting international terrorism. Last month, Syria delivered a previous version of the list containing 108 names.

The new list contains the names of citizens from 19 countries accused of joining Syria’s rebels: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen and Chechnya. Since Chechnya is not a country, but a republic of the Russian Federation, the list likely contains names of Russian citizens.

The list consists of the names of people who were positively identified through ID or documents found on their bodies that helped establish their nationality. The bulk of the dead mercenaries in Syria are apparently still unidentified. Continue reading

Siege of Bani Walid: Foreign fighters, phosphorus bombs and nerve gas (Graphic images)

The besieged Libyan city of Bani Walid has been plunged into chaos. Several sources told RT the former Gaddafi regime stronghold is under attack by militias bolstered by foreign mercenaries, and they used banned weapons like white phosphorous.

The sources denied reports of the last few days that Bani Walid was retaken by the Libyan government. Residents said that militia forces have continued their assault, while preventing the refugees who fled from reentering the city.

A man who claimed his relatives are trapped inside the besieged city spoke with RT, saying, “There is no food; there is nothing to support the life of people. And the militia does not allow anyone to come back to their homes.”

“They are demolishing homes with machinery and tanks. There is no communication or internet so people are not able to connect with each other,” the source said. He is currently in Egypt, and refuses to reveal his identity over fears of personal safety.

He believes the real reason for the inoperable communications is that many people have been killed inside Bani Walid by the forces besieging the city and now they are trying to prevent information about the killings to be leaked outside.

The militia attackers have claimed they are battling ‘pro-Gaddafi’ forces, but the source slammed that motive as a “lie and a dirty game.”

“They use foreign snipers, I think from Qatar or Turkey, with Qatar covering all the costs,” he said. He claimed that a ship with weapons and other equipment recently docked in the port city of Misrata, where the assault on Bani Walid is allegedly being directed.

“There is no government in Libya. Groups of militia control everything. They don’t care about Libya, they don’t care about the nation,” he said, adding allegations that the majority of militia fighters have dual citizenship or passports from other countries.

“We ask the envoy [Special Representative] of the Secretary-General of the United Nations [for Libya] Mr. Tarik Mitri – where is he now?” he said. “Where is the United Nations? Where is the EU? Where is the Human Rights Watch? We ask for an intervention now as soon as possible – please!”

In an October 23 UN session, the US blocked a statement on the violence in Bani Walid drafted by Russia, which condemned the ongoing conflict in the city and calling for a peaceful resolution.

RT Photo from Bani Walid. RT source. The photo could not be independently verified.

Witnesses claim militia used chemical weapons in Bani Walid

“I can confirm that pro-government militias used internationally prohibited weapons. They used phosphorus bombs and nerve gas. We have documented all this in videos, we recorded the missiles they used and the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles,” Bani Walid-based activist and lawyer Afaf Yusef told RT. Continue reading

Mouallem: Les USA encouragent la violence et les autres sont des instruments

ministre syrien des Affaires étrangères: Walid Mouallem

Le ministre syrien des Affaires étrangères a accusé les Etats-Unis d’être “l’acteur principal” qui encourage les rebelles à la propagation de la violence, dans une interview publiée mardi par le quotidien britannique The Independent.

“Nous croyons que les Etats-Unis sont l’acteur principal contre la Syrie et les autres sont des instruments”, a affirmé Walid Mouallem.

Selon lui, les Américains utilisent la Syrie pour contrer l’influence de l’Iran au Moyen-Orient et ont exagéré les capacités nucléaires de Téhéran dans le but de vendre des armes aux pays du golfe. Continue reading

Libye – Le chef du gouvernement de la Jamahiriya Al Baghdadi Mahmoudi torturé

ALGERIA ISP / Selon Green Libya, la résistance informe les combattants que le chef du gouvernement de la Jamahiriya

 Al Baghdadi Mahmoudi se trouve dans le siège de la sécurité nationale du CNT dans la région de Hadaba Kaci Il sera déplacé au centre médical de Tripoli.

Les noms des personnes qui ont agressé le docteur Al Baghdadi sont : le gouverneur militaire de Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj, le président de la sécurité nationale Khaled Charif, Un membre de la sécurité nationale Maoummer Chakroune, et les 2 autres membre Ali moussa et Ahmed Karira.
La résistance confirme que le chef du gouvernement du CNT Al-Kib a craché sur le docteur Al Baghdadi et il lui a demandé de chanter l’hymne de la honte et lorsque le docteur Al Baghdadi a refusé. Il a demandé à Abdelhakim Belhadj de faire avec une viande séchée « Gedide en arabe » et le laisser sous le soleil.