Report from Zawiya, Sirte, Bani Walid


A friend reports from Zawiya very desperate. The control of the city is now in the hands of the rebels. People are still arrested and even sometimes executed on the streets and very often by very deliberate methods (T. said the same is happening in tripolis). The reasons of being arrested are very deliberate and wilful. Sometimes the face of a passerby or the way he is looking may be sufficient for arrest. Therefore most of the people stay at homes and to not leave their houses – especially for protecting their children. Gunfire still can be heard.

In Sirte and Bani Walid there is heavy bombing all the time. The hospitals in Sirt are running out of medicaments and very often surgery has to be effected without narcotics – even for children. There are no narcotics available anymore. The civilians are suffering of the cutting of water supplies and electricity. Many victims still lay under the ruins of past bombings but cannot be evacuated because all rescue people are also attacked from the air. Civilians intending to leave the city has been killed Form Bani Walid only little news is available because the telephones to there are cut. But according to the rumours running in Tripoli the bombing of the last days must have been violent and the causalities very high. (Nato is hiding where they realy are bombing).

(source: Leonor )