Libya – The Coordinator of the tribes and tribal leader “Warfala” is not dead (November 24, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / October 19, 2011, we released the information of the death of Mr. Ali Ahwal in the town of Bani Walid, a coordinator of the Libyan tribes and tribal leader “Warfala”.

Yesterday, we were surprised at his interview with Dr. Yusuf Shakir.
According to a Libyan source, the rumor of his death was broadcast by the tribe of Warfala to facilitate the evacuation of the besieged city Bani Walid. Finally, he was out of town, safe and sound.
This explains the investment up to that moment in support for Libya’s green. They never turned coat like other traitors.
Yesterday at Bani Walid, his tribe Warfala gave a lesson to the rebels.

Source: Algeria ISP & Libya against super power media

Libya: Nato mercenaries coldly murdered tribal chief Warfala to 80 years

NATO propaganda seeks to hide a terrible and very serious news: renegade thugs have broken into Sheikh Ali Al ahwal home in Bani Walid. The wise scholar of 80 years old was the head of the main tribe in the country, Warfala, and was the coordinator of the tribes. He had deep patriotic and anti-imperialist positions. He was killed of 12 shots in the chest. The chief was a man of peace and did not even have a hunting rifle at home. This crime is both an hideous act amongst others that have been committed by Nato and its mercenaries (under the protection of NATO and the CIA) and is a special event because it will turn against occupation plans. The tribesmen never forgive, they retaliate and refuse to give a high stability and support for a NATO protectorate in Libya. This murder has definitely shifted ALL the Libyan people against imperialist criminals. Libyans were deeply moved and felt indignation. They will defeat the traitors and foreign forces and rebuild an independent country.

Source: Al Mukawama Resistencia