US (Peace Prez Obama) Testing New WMD in Ukraine


Markings “XS7″ correspond to NATO classification for experimental chemical warfare agents.

Before It’s News

According to the report, Kiev fascist junta deployed chemical warfare agents in Donetsk region. Bomblets in (unexploded) cluster munition had delayed release i.e. explosions continued for a few days, culture flasks contained two components – foam and black oily liquid. Everyone exposed rapidly developed damage to mouth cavities and breathing pathways in the form of indurated chancres, abscess, indigestion and diarrhea. 
Long term effects isn’t known yet.

Obama Weapons of Mass Destruction


By Lame Cherry
After the election theft by B. Hussein Obama in the 2008 election he sought to smash the Middle East and form it in his own image.

After the election theft by B. Hussein Obama in 2012, he is now intent on moving this to Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Lame Duck Congress diversion of “financial cliffs” as stories are being placed concerning Turkey is asking NATO for missile defense for Syrian chemical weapons, and now Hillary Clinton is placing more AP stories about the Assad Syrians are moving chemical weapon components about the nation.

Let this blog in matter and anti matter exclusive explain this, and even if not allowed by your good natures, it is still going to accomplish this for God’s Glory as I obey Him.

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