Al-Moallem Calls on UN Officials to Commit Objectivity to Situation in Syria

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates, Minister Walid al-Moallem, stressed on the importance for the UN officials to be objective and precise in dealing with the situation in Syria; holding the armed terrorists responsible for hindering efforts to halt violence in Syria.

Meeting the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous, and the accompanying delegation on Wednesday, al-Moallem reiterated Syria’s commitment to the plan of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan and its full cooperation with the UN observer mission.

Al-Moallem underscored the importance of the international community’s support to Annan through obtaining cooperation of regional countries which have influence on the terrorist groups, “those countries which instigate, fund and harbor armed terrorist groups and encourage them to reject political work and not to lay down their arms.”

He said that Syria today is in a state of self-defense of its sovereignty and territorial unity, adding that at the same time Syria’s doors are open to those who want dialogue and the political solution. Continue reading

In Syria – How to “Liberate” a Pro-Army City?

NATO Terrorists Come to Overrun, Not “Liberate,” Aleppo.
by Tony Cartalucci (Land Destroyer)

July 25, 2012 – A pivotal conflict is unfolding in northern Syria in the city of Aleppo – one told with two narratives. For the Western media, speaking on behalf of US foreign policy and the corporate-financier interests behind both their “journalism” and the subversion of Syria, the “Battle for Aleppo” constitutes brave “pro-democracy” fighters rising up in the streets of the ancient city to do battle with invading “regime thugs.” This despite a year and a half of reporting Aleppo as admittedly a pro-government bastion.

An approximation of areas where fighting has been taking place in Aleppo, Syria. Clearly during the initial offensive by the FSA, they came in from 2 of the city’s main highways, both leading to the Turkish-Syrian border. It appears that a large number of fighters have been trapped inside the center of the city, surrounded by Syrian military forces. This was not an “uprising” but rather an invasion by armed militants from either near, or across the Turkish-Syrian border. It is unclear whether a significant number of additional militants are on their way

An Invasion, Not an Uprising

The second narrative is discerned not from official Syrian government talking points, but from a more critical examination of the Western media’s own reports, which exposes what is instead, indeed a pro-Syrian Army, pro-Syria city being overrun by so-called “Free Syrian Army” militants pouring in from two specific points – Aleppo’s northeast facing Azaz, and Aleppo’s northwest facing Bab al-Hawa. Militants emanating from these directions come from areas directly across from the Turkish border. Continue reading

Libya 2.0: Media Hysteria Over Syria “Bombing” City of Aleppo

If tired WMD lies won’t convince the public to back foreign intervention, perhaps recycled lies from Libya?
by Tony Cartalucci

July 24, 2012 – The Telegraph has reported (emphasis added), “fighter jets have reportedlylaunched bomb attacks on Syria’s second city of Aleppo, which, if confirmed, would be the first time Assad forces had used war planes against citizens.”

A sole”tweet” from BBC’s Ian Pannell, who has yet to provide any source, evidence, or details regarding his vague claim, immediately made headlines across the Western media.

The claim is based on a single “tweet” from BBC’s Ian Pannell who, after hours of making his his claim that, “fighter jets have bombed eastern #Aleppo city. A significant escalation and perhaps the first time they’ve been used in #Syrian conflict,” has failed categorically to cite his source, provide any evidence of his claims, or provide details of the targets and context of the attacks, if indeed they took place. Yet the Western media “echo chamber” began repeating the story seconds after it was posted, and through this alone it attempted to validate the claim while building momentum behind NATO insinuations.

Taken from an official Defense Department transcript, the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and Admiral Michael Mullen both concede they’d seen no confirmation “whatsoever” regarding claims by the corporate media that Libya’s Qaddafi had used airstrikes against his own people. However, this fabrication would be used for very real airstrikes, not by Qaddafi, but by NATO under the guise of the “Responsibility to Protect.”

Narratives of “brutal dictators” bombing civilians with aircraft have been used before, most notably in Libya where verified lies were told regarding Qaddafi’s use of aircraft against the city of Benghazi. These fabrications were used to justify foreign military intervention and regime change under the guise of a “no-fly zone” to “protect civilians.”

However, the US Department of Defense itself noted that none of these accusations were founded in fact or confirmed in any way, and the Russian government went as far as providing satellite imagery of sites allegedly bombed to show no such strikes were made.

Ironically, NATO’s subsequent “protection of civilians” flattened several cities across the country, slaying thousands of civilians.   Continue reading

German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria

By John Rosenthal

German intelligence estimates that “around 90” terror attacks that “can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups” were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July, as reported by the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). This was revealed by the German government in a response to a parliamentary question.

In response to the same question, the German government admitted that it had received several reports from the German foreign intelligence service, the BND, on the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla. But it noted that the content of these reports was to remain classified “by reason of national interest”, Like many other Western governments, Germany expelled Syria’s ambassador in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, holding the Syrian government responsible for the violence.

Meanwhile, at least three major German newspapers – Die Welt, the FAZ, and the mass-market tabloid Bild – have published reports attributing responsibility for the massacre to anti-government rebel forces or treating this as the most probable scenario.  Continue reading

Syrian TV Shows Bodies of Terrorists of Arab Nationalities Killed by the Syrian Army in al-Qaboun Neighborhood

DAMASCUS, (SANA– The Syrian TV showed footage of bodies of terrorists from Egypt and Jordan who were killed by the Syrian armed forces when it was clearing al-Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus from armed terrorist groups.

The terrorists are Abdullah al-Desuqi Musa’ad Bassal and Yasser Abdelrazzaq Kamel Ibrahim from Egypt, Fares Faleh al-Ghazi, Usama Abdelqader Ahmad al-Zahabi, and Ahmmad Abullah al-Zahabi from Jordan.

Earlier, the Syrian TV showed footage of other terrorists who came from Tunisia and Libya, with Turkey and other neighboring countries providing facilitations to allow these murderers to enter Syria and kill its people. Continue reading

Authorities Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Damascus, Aleppo and Hama

PROVINCES, (SANA) – The authorities in Damascus have chased down the terrorists in Barzeh al-Balad and the surrounding orchards, killing and injuring a large number of them including Tamam Saab and Ahd al-Maghribi.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that tens of the terrorists turned themselves in and others were arrested.

The source added that a number of the terrorists’ cars that are equipped with machineguns were destroyed and large amount of weapons, including RPG shells and various types of ammunition, were seized.

Authorities Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Aleppo, Contrary to Misleading News Authorities on Sunday clashed with armed terrorist groups in Qebtan al-Jabal, to the north of Aleppo , and destroyed three pick-up trucks equipped with machineguns causing heavy losses among the terrorists.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorists Mahmoud al-Ashqar, leader of a terrorist group, and Omar al-Ahmad were among the dead.

The source added that the authorities also confronted an armed terrorist group in Hayyan area, to the north of Aleppo, killing five terrorists, two of whom are non-Syrians, in addition to seizing 4 guns, an American sniper rifle inside their car. Continue reading

Syria: SNC Convinces Russia To Increase Help For Assad

The exile Syrian National Council was invited to Moscow and when there tried to convince the Russian of their cause. The way they did it shows a grotesque and amateurish stupidity.

Russia needs to understand that the conflict in Syria is not a dispute between the opposition and regime but a revolution, the chief of the main exiled opposition group said in Moscow on Wednesday.“The events in Syria are not disagreements between the opposition and the government but a revolution,” Syrian National Council (SNC) chief Abdul Basset Sayda told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, comparing the events in his country to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

To set fall of the Soviet Union, which wasn’t caused by revolution but by the wrangling within the political leadership, as an example for Syria’s future will have convinced all Russians to double their effort to stand by the Syrian government. Here is why:

Speaking to the nation in his annual address, Putin used some of his strongest language to describe his country’s fate over the past 14 years.”The collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century,” Putin said. “For the Russian people, it became a real drama. Tens of millions of our citizens and countrymen found themselves outside Russian territory. The epidemic of disintegration also spread to Russia itself.”

That the fall of the Soviet Union was a catastrophe is not only Putin’s opinion:

“It is very clear that for the great majority of Russian people, the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a personal catastrophe,” [Boris] Kagarlitskii[, the director of the Institute of Globalization Studies in Moscow,] said. “It was also a catastrophe for a tremendous majority of people in Tajikistan, quite a lot of people in Uzbekistan, and so on, including many people in Ukraine. Because families were divided, people’s lives were ruined, living standards collapsed, the minimal standards of human justice, and very often of freedom, were also neglected.”

That is indeed also the likely the perspective for the majority of Syrians should the western sponsored insurgency win.

To remind the Russians of that is the most dumb thing the SNC chief could have done in Moscow. Putin’s support, and that of the Russian people, for the Syrian government may well increase after this SNC lecture.

Source: Moon Of Alabama

Libyans and Pakistani and a linked to Al-Qaeda … In Syria

Ajel- Exclusive

Source: Breaking News

Syrian Arab Army units have eliminated large number of terrorists, raiding on their dens located in Armanaz Mountains in Edlib countryside.

In an exclusive statement to Breaking News, a military source confirmed the elimination of 82 terrorists, where around 100 gunmen get injured. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that terrorists include a member linked to Al-Qaeda organization, Ali Satouf, in addition to terrorists coming from Libya and Pakistan.

The military source indicated that two members of Syrian Army have been martyred by militants gunfire during the operation of which resulted in several injuries of Syrian Army.

In Edlib, Breaking News correspondent said insurgents have detonated two explosive devices targeting law enforcement forces on Edlib –Harem Road located near the department of Water Resources.; followed by firing RPG shells and armed conflicts of which resulted in injuries among Syrian security forces ranks.

Syria: Houla Massacres is a Divide & Conquer Strategy – Exposed

The mainstream media is blaming the Houla massacre on the syrian military. However facts on the ground do not match this statement. The massacres in Syria are purposeful, to fuel a civil war in my country and pave the way for foreign interventions.