The former Lebanese security chief warns against the consequences of Assad’s fall

Editor’s note: We post this article to inform on what’s being said about Syria around the globe. Posting is not fully endorsing.

Jamil Sayyed

Alternative views on the situation in Syria, long silenced in the mainstream Western press, are more and more often making inroads into some of the most important Western media outlets. One of the most interesting such comments was published in the French daily Le Figaro, which dared to present to its readers an interview with the general Jamil Sayyed, former head of the security service (Surete Generale) of Lebanon, a country situated nest to Syria and still linked to it by millions of human ties.

“Despite all the claims of the propaganda from the satellite television of the Gulf states, as well as from the states of the West, Syria has a state, and this state is very strong,” Sayyed told Le Figaro. “For 18 months these media outlets have been predicting the fall of Bashar Assad’s government, but this government is still in place! Do you know many other states, which, placed in a similar situation, would resist so long? Syria is facing an unprecedented media war, conducted against it on a planetary scale. It faces hostility from all of its neighbors and direct interference of the Arab petro-states of the Gulf region, which commit unlimited financial resources to the Syrian state’s destruction. But it is still there.” Continue reading

Syria: Houla Massacre and BBC Scandal, Siria: Massccro e lo scandalo della BBC, فضيحة ال bbc

BBC illegally uses image of Iraqi victims as propaganda against the Syrian government
News agency “BBC” uses picture of dead Iraqi children to depict alleged government atrocity: The British media has been caught yet again with its pants down in the effort to sell a NATO-led attack on Syria, with the revelation that BBC News used a years-old photo of dead Iraqi children to depict victims of an alleged government assault on the town of Houla.
Ancora sulle menzogne circolate in rete intorno a Hula: tra le tante falsificazioni di immagini, sono state utilizzate anche quelle delle fosse comuni irachene scoperte a sud di Baghdad nel maggio del 2003

BBC Deceitfully Posts Images from Iraq in Syria Massacre Report!

Houla horror: truth is elusive, lies are easier to spot.

Syd Walker ( @Sydwalker )
May 27, 2012

LandDestroyer‘s Note: Land Destroyer has independently confirmed this by searching and finding other news outlets that posted the original BBC story here & here.  

Over the last 24-hours there’s been a renewed media storm over Syria – prompted by a horrific story of atrocities in the town of Houla. Very gruesome images of dead children have been offered to the media, which has lapped them up and used them again and again on our screens and in our newspapers.
The UN observers in Syria, so far, have declined to draw definite conclusions about who’s responsible for this terrible massacre. But unsurprisingly, western media has been less circumspect. There’s a deafening chorus of howls complaining ‘The World’ isn’t doing anything, while President Assad gets away with murdering his own people – again!

Before and after BBC’s reckless/deceitful journalism. (click image to enlarge) Notice how the image on the left is “unverified” like most of what the Western media reports regarding Syria, and that this photo was supplied by “activists” who have been revealed as serial liars (see here & here). Visit Syd Walker’s blog to see the original screen grabs

I’ve no doubt some of the Twitter users tweeting and re-tweeting this type of sentiment on the #Houla hashtag are genuine in their concern. Yet remarkably few people ever seem to pause and ask themselves the obvious question – why on earth would the Syrian Government want to kill Syrian children? And even if for some reason they did – why would they do so in a way more or less guaranteed to attract international condemnation and renewed calls for intervention? Continue reading

Western news relaying fake images of brother leader GADDAFI dead: EXPOSED

A tweet from our brother @syriancommando redirected me to a facebook link showing the below image which shows UK newspapers front pages yesterday (Thursday October the 20th) !

Needless to say that these images hav been exposed as a fake several times, all over the Internet.

We, at CounterPsyOps, reported it HERE – HERE – you can also find more info in numerous other webpages.

This clearly shows the poor quality of the information provided by mainstream media… They don’t even check their sources nor the material they serve to the public.

I entice you to write to those newspapers and tell them you lost all trust in them. You can also contact them through twitter:

The Daily Telegraph : @TelegraphNews

The Sun NewsPaper: @TheSunNewspaper

The Guardian: @guardian