Syrian FM Al Muallem’s speech at the UNGA yesterday in NYC

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Monday delivered a speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

Following the full text of al-Moallem’s speech

Mr. Vuk Jeremic President of the 67th session of the General Assembly, Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate you and your friendly country, the Republic of Serbia, on your election as President of the General Assembly at its current session, and to wish you success in conducting our work in a way that brings back to the President of the General Assembly its important and neutral role in fulfilling his duties away from any political, national or international agendas that violate the rules of international law and contradict efforts to achieve security and stability in the world. We also wish success to the Secretary General of the United Nations in carrying out his duties in enhancing the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Our contemporary world faces many events that are affecting its states, and continue to cast their shadow on the international scene. Many countries are facing political, economic and financial crises which exceed the capacity of States to cope with their consequences individually. Continue reading

Britain and US plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul


[Editor’s note: We are not posting this article to spread western propaganda about how US-Britain are willing to help the Syrian opposition in their “legitimate fight” againt Bashar Al Assad. We perfectly know that what the West wants, is a splitted Syria. Hence, a weak Syria. Plus, as already reported, the SNC is not “legitimate” oppisition but a western backed opposition, with absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever.  We’re just posting this article to show, once more, that foreign meddling is blatant. In total violation of the UN Charter & International law. ]

An underground network of Syrian opposition activists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus regime.

By , Istanbul

Dozens of dissidents have been ferried out of Syria to be vetted for foreign backing. Recipients of the aid are given satellite communications and computers so that they can act as a local “hub” linking local activists and the outside world.

The training takes place in an Istanbul district where handsome apartment blocks line the steep slopes and rooftop terraces boast views over the Golden Horn waterway. Continue reading

West recruiting thugs to crush Syria: Analyst

An analyst says for “those with eyes,” the mask of Western pretence at defending international law and human rights has now been ripped off.

A political analyst says the West is hypocritically recruiting the same thugs it supposedly waged the bloody and costly ‘war on terror’ against a decade ago, to topple the Syrian government today

“In asserting their geopolitical objective over Syria, the Western governments are openly deploying terrorists and killers who supposedly were the reason why Western governments spent trillions of dollars fighting foreign wars, invading and occupying sovereign countries, destroying millions of innocent lives, incarcerating and torturing thousands, and turning over democratic societies into draconian police states,” Finian Cunningham wrote in an article on Press TV website.

Cunningham said the reports and videos showing the Western-backed mercenaries of the so-called Free Syrian Army bolstered by al-Qaeda brigades and other terrorists have been greeted with “barely veiled glee” in Washington and the European capitals.  Continue reading

US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria

As FSA proxies fail and psychological operations falter, US prepares more direct (and desperate) approach for long-sought regime change.
by Tony Cartalucci ( Land Destroyer Report )

July 22, 2012 – As it becomes increasingly clear that last week’s “surge” by NATO-backed so-called “Free Syrian Army” terrorists was a failed psychological operation, coordinated with meticulously timed assassinations the day of the UN Security Council vote designed to stampede the Syrian government out of power, the FSA’s foreign sponsors are preparing the public for a more direct intervention while desperately attempting to maintain the illusion of chaos and the imminent collapse of Syria’s government.

Video: Thierry Meyssan in Damascus, Syria. Please choose from “choose language” to see English subtitles.

Contradicting NATO’s narrative, was Thierry Meyssan in Damascus, Syria who reported that Syria’s continuity of government seamlessly moved forward after the assassinations last week, and that state institutions are still standing and very much functional. He describes Syria’s latest unrest as the result of a coordinated NATO-backed terrorist operation aimed at creating confusion and panic, coupled with Western propaganda – and warns that more operations are likely on the way.  Continue reading

President al-Assad: the Political Process is Moving Forward, National Security is a Red Line

Source: Sana

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday paid tribute to the souls of the innocent martyrs of the civilians and the military who have lost their lives since the early days of the events, stressing that their blood will not go in vain.

President al-Assad, addressing the People’s Assembly on the occasion of its first legislative term, eferring to the martyrs of the parliamentary candidates who were supposed to be part of “this big national workshop” on “this historic day”.

“To their souls and the souls of all innocent civilian and military martyrs who fell since the early days of the events, we stand in honor and high regard and send their families greetings and love and say to them ‘Their blood won’t go in vain’, and this is not be out of spite but out of the right as right is never lost unless it is abandoned by its holder.”

“Our only solace is that our homeland recovers and its sons Continue reading

UK in anti-Syrian conspiracy

Britain has been openly calling for intervention in Syria based on allegations that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is suppressing the “people” whom Prime Minister David Cameron wishes to see as the absolute majority calling for Assad’s ouster.

Cameron said last week “we need to take all the action we can” to “get rid of this brutal dictator [Assad].”

However, a closer look at the situation in Syria and the poll results on Assad’s popularity clearly suggest Cameron and his cohort are hatching a carefully calculated plot to streamline foreign intervention in Syria through a media war based on the totally fabricated concept that Assad’s government is discredited and needs to go.

It is worth mentioning here that a YouGov Siraj poll commissioned by The Doha Debates and funded by the Qatar Foundation found last month that 55 percent of Syrians support Assad’s government.

By those standards, Cameron rather than Assad is a despotic minority ruler holding a tight grip on “the people.”

A Guardian/ICM poll showed in December that Cameron’s government is supported by only 39 percent of the population with his personal approval rating standing at just around 48 percent.

What is more is that those involved in armed clashes with Assad’s forces are not exactly “the people.”

Earlier this month British troops were revealed to be directing ammunition deliveries and tactical support to armed terrorist groups in Syria.

All doubts about Assad administration fighting armed terror groups rather than democracy-seeking members of the population ended last week when the CIA director James Clapper said in a report that Christmas bombings in the Syrian capital “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda attack.”

The Syrian government had announced at the time that al-Qaeda was behind the two car bombings that killed nearly 50 people but the west were quick to challenge the announcement as false.

Clapper added in his report that “al-Qaeda in Iraq is extending its reach into Syria.”

It is public knowledge that Saudi Arabia, which is considered the closest ally of Britain and for that matter the US in the Middle East, provides arms and financial support to Salafi movements across the region of which al-Qaeda is a prime example.

Saudi Arabia also sent troops to Bahrain to help the monarchy suppress popular protests calling for a democratically elected government and, guess what, Britain has kept supporting both the Bahraini crackdown and the Saudi deployment.

Against that backdrop, it is easy to see Cameron’s talk of supporting “the people” against Assad’s “dictatorship” is nothing more than a campaign of lies to — as he said – “get rid of” Assad’s government, which is represents one of the only Arab governments, which has resisted the west’s efforts to turn it into a puppet.

Source: PressTV